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  1. Hello, I received an email from the MTL Embassy advising me of my interview date. I then went on the website to register the interview and pay the VISA fee. This was all without receiving the P4 instructions..Now I have run into more questions/complications: the confirmation email I received after paying the VISA fee stated that I am "required to bring all previous passports to the interview, especially those that show any international trips or previously issued Visas to the United States." The problem is that, I have long since destroyed my previous Canadian passports after receiving my most recent one. I have had at least 3 passports in my life so far. In fact, I think you can choose to relinquish your previous passport when the Canadian government issues a new one to you. Does anyone have any experience from their K1 interview recently, and how they managed to deal with this problem? Will I be denied K1 approval over this? Thank you for any advice or help you can offer. DM
  2. Hello, I am sure this has been answered before, but couldn't find anything recent on the topic. After not receiving the P3 in the mail for over a month, my fiancee and I decided to follow-up by email with the MTL Embassy. Within a day or two they responded by saying the 'packet had been mailed'. Either they had the wrong address or some one screwed up the address, because after a month of waiting, we saw nothing in the mail. Further, they then sent an email to us with the P3 instructions. Since I already had researched the P3, I had all my documents ready to send back, which were forwarded to them as requested via email several days later. Now here are the the issues I am stuck at: 1) we have not received any communication from the embassy that our documents have been received. 2) We don't seem to have any indication as to how long it will take to receive the P4 instructions. Several previous threads from years ago seem to indicate a turnaround that varies between less than a day, to a week, or several weeks. Knowing this, does anyone have any advice or knowledge on how long it ought to take, or is taking, the MTL embassy to send out p4 instructions, after having received the P3 email from us? Thank you, D
  3. Hello, my fiancée and I were notified that our case had moved from the NVC to the embassy in early March. We have still not received any communication from the embassy about our P3 instructions. Because of this, I emailed them a week ago, asking if and when they sent out our P3 instructions. I received an email back stating they were sent to us on March 23, 2021. It is now April 22, nearly a month later and we haven't seen anything. I emailed the embassy to tell them this and confirm the address it was mailed to. My question is, for anyone else who is also waiting or has waited for these instructions in the past: does it normally take this long? Thank you for your comments and help.
  4. Agreed. We just received notice that our case was moved to the Embassy. Trying to figure out what I need to do next.
  5. Hello neighbour! It seems we have a similar problem. At least, it is nice to know I am not alone. 1) I am thinking the only reason we got our NOA2 so fast was due to no additional RFE. 2) The NVC contact people were frustratingly vague about their role in the process and timeline. Did you receive ANY communication from them, confirming receipt of your case? We did not. We only got our case number after I called them directly to confirm they have created our case in their system. I was under the impression from the research we did, that we were supposed to receive a letter with our case details and invoice number in the mail. 3) Agreed the DS-160 thing is frustratingly vague. The NVC's own process guidelines don't seem to match up with the actual processes they follow when questioned about it (Eg. the welcome letter package not being sent out) 4) Thank you for commenting, and I will do the same if I hear anything on our end. Best of luck to you both xoxo.
  6. Hello, I am a Canadian applicant for a K1 Visa. My fiancee is in WA, and we filed our I-129 back in early February of 2020. We received our NOA2 Notice of Approval , Dated May 22nd 2020. Since then, we have received no communication from the NVC, or the Embassy in Montreal. There were a few concerns about this, as we never received any notice from the NVC that our case was received, and that a case file was created for us. 1) I am noticing on this website's timelines, people are entering Case receiving dates from the NVC. We never received any welcome package or any other communication from the NVC. In fact, the only way we know they have it is that I called them several times and got our case number and invoice number. They then told me that they don't send out welcome packages or confirmations anymore, and that the only communication we should expect is the letter from the Embassy (the next stage in the workflow). Is this normal for other people during the process, or was this what other people experienced during Covid 19 slowdowns? 2) Our case says "at the NVC" when I check its status on CEAC. Am I supposed to create the DS-160 or will I get prompted to do so later? 3) Does anyone have any idea what the processing timeline is for NOA2s dated in late May 2020? I have tried contacting the embassy several times, and we only get an automated message instructing us of the COVID slowdown and backlog. My fiancee and I are panicking that we missed something and it will screw our entire application. We have already been waiting a year and don't want to have to wait another year.
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