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  1. Dang, unfortunately i still cant find that. I've listed mine as the "3 months" option. They have made this process VERY difficult. I thought getting the VISA was going to be the hard part!
  2. Hello lovely! I am currently trying to apply for my exemption to leave the Aus (Have been approved for my VISA and have it in hand) I have already been declined once and I am trying to add in as much information as possible for my second attempt. I did not see the option for immigrate anywhere, could you be more specific as to where that was located if possible please! Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello, another question. I didn't ever think our age gap would be an issue until very recently when I kept seeing people in here mention it. How bad does an age gap affect your outcome? Age gaps aren't a weird thing in either of our families so it never occurred to either of us that it may be an issue seeing as we are in a legitimate relationship. Our age gap is 20 years on the dot. My mum and Step dad have an age gap of 29 years (His actually American who moved here to Australia nearly 20 years ago) and his been my step dad nearly my entire life. My fiancee's sister, She and her other half have an age gap of 14 years. So for us personally it never seemed weird. We are about to start out interview portion of our VISA process and its dawned on me it may be an issue. We have only met once for 2 weeks in August 2019. We had 3 separate trips planed for 2020 (Tickets bought and paid for in April that I have proof of and proof of conversations about more visits in November and also Dec/Jan) that never came to be due to COVID. We have been friends for 3 years and dating for nearly 2. We have miles of video chat/conversations/facebook posts/twitter posts/plans (visits, wedding, house buying, getting pets, etc) spanning this entire time. Im not going to lie, I am now very worried we may be denied based on our age gap alone. If anyone else has gone through this having had a large age gap, please let me know how it all went.
  4. Hello fellow journey buddies! I am stuck on a question for my DS-160. Under Personal it is asking for my mother and fathers address's. I can provide my mothers details in full. I only know my Dads name as I have not had contact or spoken to him in nearly 13 years as he was abusive to our entire family and I cut ties a LONG LONG time ago. So my question is what do I put into the form? It needs some kind of answer or it wont process. I dont want to just write "I dont know" so I am stuck. Any help would be great! Thank you!
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