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  1. Hello all, yes my parents have a French passport. They checked their ESTA and it is still valid for a couple more months. they were going to take another company like Southwest to go from Mexico to the US. Will check into ESTAs being cancelled. Air France mentioned ESTAs weren't giving any rights to get into the US Thank you so much!
  2. Hello, I am getting confused now.. the French airline is telling my parents they need another visa besides ESTA to get to the US. Is ESTA the same as VWP? They only plan on staying 2 weeks in Mexico (due to COVID) and 2 weeks with me in the US. What additional visa do you think they need? Thank you
  3. I am more worried about them being rejected in Mexico. I heard a case where a French woman flew into Mexico with a one way ticket and had tickets to go to the States on a J1 and got sent back to France by Mexican authorities. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I live in the US with on a 10 year green card and my parents would like to come visit me. We were thinking of meeting in Mexico for 2 weeks and then would take a plane from Mexico to Texas (where I live). I've been reading online that people recommend getting a return ticket. In my parent's case, do you all think they should get a ticket France-Mexico with a return ticket to France, even if they'll have another ticket Mexico-US? Or is it fine to buy just a one way ticket to Mexico, one ticket Mexico-US and US-France? Thank you for your help!
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