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  1. Hello, can anyone tell me how long their case take to be approved by USCIS Nebraska Center for the 1-601 form ?
  2. Thanks so much! Im sure you will get a decision by March
  3. Mailed I751 -1/02/2021 I751 received and accepted 2/11/2021 Finger prints waived -4/11/21 card being produced 2/11/2022 Hope this helps best of luck!
  4. EAC here and I just got a notification that card is being produced! I will wait to file my N-400 soon
  5. Do we have anyone on here who has gotten the I-1751 approved and has already had their N-400 interview?
  6. ah ! I understand. congrats!!! so happy there's finally movement even if files are being transfered!
  7. Hey! congrats! I was just wondering, you are a January filer right? How come you filed N-400 in November , you were eligible ?
  8. Wow I just realized this too, the website is down Im trying to send mine finally.
  9. Has anyone that filed N-400 while their I751 is pending filed the form I-912 for filing fee waiver? Do you think it would be a good idea to file this filing fee waiver in terms of processing time etc? I am EAC filer by the way..
  10. Just received my 24-month extension letter this weekend. EAC Filer Filed: Jan 2021
  11. Hello everyone, I found this cover letter that may be helpful to anyone who is going to be submitting N-400 while their 1-751 is still pending. The cover letter is just mentioning that I-751 is pending and therefore you would like to get a joint interview for both if possible. N-400-Cover-Letter-with-Pending-I-751.doc
  12. this is crazy, they increased the waiting time for EAC !! Ugh
  13. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rhI5FjegJsQOxwx9qEUxcdOUv4PUuzwvWzNQPiEo2m8/edit#gid=0
  14. I know!! I have a feeling by beginning of August we will hear something
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