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  1. oh i understand now. Thanks so much for letting me know
  2. thanks for your great information. First marriage date is 10/23/2017. oh thanks. i mean my fiancee. I used the wrong word. thanks so much for letting me know
  3. My native country is Vietnam. thanks so much It's Vietnam so Idk if my native country is on the blacklist or not. Thanks so much
  4. oh i thought wedding party will be my downfall. Engagement party is just a pre-wedding party in my country. Wedding party need the marriage certificate while engagement party doesnt need it.
  5. Thanks so much. I mean I will file a I-129F for my spouse and she will be interviewed in my native country (where my fiancee live). Is it good to file a I-129F after 1 year of divorce or I have to wait 2 more year since the day I divorced?
  6. I am the US citizen thru marriage with my ex wife ( us citizen was born in the US).( I came to the US by F-1 student visa) We legally seperated in 04/02/2021 and Got the finalized divorce in 10/28/2021. In 02/2022 i back to my native country and meet my fiancee overthere. In June,2022 I was back to my country 1 more time to meet my fiancee, proposed her and stay there until September, 2022. In August,2022 we celebrated the engagement party and I was back to the US after that. When I can file a k-1 visa for my spouse after divorce? I heard that we need to file a petition for her after 2 years since the divorce was finalized. Please give me some advises! Thanks in advance. I appreciate u guys
  7. For the i-130 sponsor for parents. It takes around 9-12 months to be approved. Just keep waiting! be patient. Uscis had a lot of backlog cases due to Covid19. It slowed all cases. I filed for my parents on 04/02/2022 and still hear nothing from Uscis. Good luck
  8. Hi all, I filed the 2 seperately i-130 form for my mother and father thru online. My I-130 of my father is located in Nebraska and I-130 of my mother is located in Potomac. I know that Nebraska processing time is just 5 months and Potomac processing time is 12 months. I wonder if my parent cases are approved at the same time? or they will be approved in different time? Any one experienced this before? Please share your exp! I appreciate that Thanks in advance
  9. oh great information. I saw some people with the flag in hand on that day...maybe they came for the Oath. Anw, we are happy that we already had the Oath notice in hand. thanks for sharing
  10. woww im happy to hear that. i also have the Oath on 31st March at LA Field office at 10:35...Hope to see u there :D
  11. thanks very much. I appreciate u. good luck for the test. It is not hard. read and remember the N-400 form and u will pass.
  12. Today my case change to: Oath ceremony will be scheduled ❤️ thank God! Finally I did it
  13. best of luck my friend. hope u come back and share the great news to me.
  14. LA Field office did offer the same day oath. I saw a lot of people had the oath on my interview date. That's why im sad
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