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  1. Appllication date - jan 2020 Interview date - june 11 , 12 pm noon Location- tukwilla Oath date - june 11 Reached at 11.50, there were two diff lines at the gate - fingerprints and interview. Guard asked what time interview was and since it was within 15 min, he allowed us to go in. There was security check and then a counter where i got a token and was asked to go on second floor. Waited for 5 min and i was called for interview. Guy asked me to only keep gc passport and dl on table and rest in drawer. Interview was virtual , i was sitting in a cubicle with headsets. Officer was really nice and was often cracking jokes and doing informal conversation during interview. It started with showing gc on camera and then oath and basic questions abt me. Post that she asked 6 questions and verbal and written. Those were really easy. After that 50 yes/no questions. They were boring and tiring. Headsets along with mask did hurt my ears. After we were done she asked if i am traveling , i said no and then she said we will do oath today and u have to give up gc. She printed a page and asked me to mark everything no and sign and give my gc along with that page. Post that she printed test results. I was asked to wait outside for oath. After 1-1.15 hours they called my name for oath and 5-6 folks went to a room , oath ceremony was done in less than 5 min and we were handed naturalization certificates. It wasnt bad, but yesterday with rain traffic was little bad that added to the whole process.
  2. I went yesterday for interview at tukwila and oath happened same day. It took total of 2 hours. 30 min interview (asked literally all 50 no/yes questions). After that they make u wait for 5-6 folks to be ready for oath. In my case i was first from this group so had to wait more than hour. But there were folks who did have to wait. Oath was just 5-10 min.
  3. I have a question about the test. For questions where it has multiple answers and it does not state one or two, do we have to reply with all options or just one of them. Example below - Why did the colonists fight the British? 1)because of high taxes (taxation without representation) 2)because the British army stayed in their houses (boarding, quartering) 3)because they didn’t have self-government
  4. Once parents get naturalization certificate they can apply for their usa passports, how about for their minor kids born outside usa (U.S. Citizenship through Naturalization of a Parent)? I was reading online to apply for kids you would require parents naturalization certificate. If parents are applying passport at the same time as kid, would they accept documents together or parents need to apply and then wait for naturalization certificate to come back and then re-apply for kid?
  5. Thanks all! Hopefully others get their interview soon as well
  6. Good news for Dec/Jan fillers. I just got interview scheduled notification. Mine was first week of Jan'20 and interview is scheduled for June 2 week (at tukwilla)
  7. Congrats! So guess there is not much for dec/jan fillers in coming days.
  8. I may be wrong , but I believe folks who are getting interview with feb date are the ones who applied later than 5 year mark.
  9. Happy to see things are moving for everyone, but also curious about what scheduling criteria is being used as we see folks from Feb being scheduled. Folks who are getting interviews from Feb, did you file exactly at 5 years or bit later?
  10. I believe you are not alone , there are others in late dec and early jan who are waiting for updates. Mine is 01/03 and it has been stuck in maintenance for last few days - "Your N-400 personalized processing time is down for maintenance. Check the estimated case processing times for your field office or service center." Is everyone seeing down for maintenance message or this is a sign for interview date is close?
  11. So your family friends also got interview and they applied in jan'20?
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