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    Adesanmi Jadesola reacted to S&L2020 in DECEMBER 2020 I-129F K-1 FILERS   
    Nothing yet. They are currently sending out the notification to those end of November filers so December apps should be soon after. 
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    Adesanmi Jadesola reacted to Sarge2155 in December 2018 I-129F (K1) Filers   
    Didn't see a December thread started so here it is. Congratulations on the submission of your K1 visa application. This forum will be very helpful to you through your visa process "journey" as we call it here. If you have not done so yet please fill out your time line as it makes it easier for other VJers to assist you if you should have any questions later on during your journey.
    Best advice, is remember why you have submitted your K1 application and do not set very high expectations of the process. Current processing times according to USCIS are 5 to 7 months (for case adjudication only), some could be sooner some much later.
    Welcome To Visa Journey
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