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    Ds 260 confirmation page, passport copy and photo 
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    Hi All,
    I know there have been a few of you who are waiting for the Ethiopian Embassy to start interviews again. I just wanted to post an update saying my fiance had her interview today and she was approved!
    Our documentation was spot on because of visa journey. Her interview was 10 minutes and the only real question of note asked was where did we meet? 
    Our original interview date was March 19th if I remember correctly so we may have been at the front of the line for getting interviews. I just logged in one day and it said your interview is scheduled. 
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    Kido biti reacted to MoHanu in Embassies to possibly start opening on July 15th   
    Glad to find few people whose  cases are in Ethiopia. I used to call them every other week before September 2020 but now I kind of gave up I guess for a while. Your updates were great since I didn't know about they resume some routine visa process even though this is just for passport.Yes most of those people at the phone doesn't know any details about the process at all. I Will call and try myself again and  will update you soon.I am thinking we should have one thread just for US embassy in Ethiopia or some kind of telegram or Facebook group. If anyone knows if there is one please share so we can join.
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