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  1. My fiance and I are currently going through k1 visa process. In one of the other threads I saw someone mention that they needed to have the birth certificate translated to English. Any idea of where this can be done in Santo Domingo? Also my fiance is telling me that when you get copies of your birth certificate, there is an expiration date. Anyone ever heard of this?
  2. Hoping you can answer another question. I'm reading alot of different things in regards to NVC and I'm a little confused. 1) do I receive communication via mail or email from the NVC? 2) am I paying fees to the NVC and/or uploading documents to the NVC?
  3. Ok I see..its listed on the website before you download the form
  4. Just checked left hand corner of each page and the only thing it says is " form I-134 02/13/19" I searched USCIS and this was the only one so I guess this is it. Thanks 😊
  5. I noticed that the form says it expires 2/28/2021. Have they changed the forms?
  6. We finally received our NOA2 today. I know I have to fill out I-134, but after that is completed, do I send that to my fiance to bring with him to his interview?
  7. Actually the site says " we received your paperwork on October 26.. then on the other screen it says November 23rd(which is my noa1. The date I received text notification). So that's why I'm confused
  8. Hi all, I checked the USCIS website for their current processing times. It states they are currently processing cases with receipt date of September 2nd. My question is...is receipt date the day that they received it or do they consider your receipt date the noa1 date?
  9. Can we use i-864ez for k1 visa process? Or must we use i-864
  10. It takes a full month. Did you file for text/email updates?
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