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  1. Benz!!! We're worried about you!! Are you good?

  2. I think you can call the nvc to cancel your petition
  3. Did you do yours when it was ready status?or wait for the embassy?
  4. Hi, I am in the k1 process I've heard conflicting info regarding when to fill out ds160..do we fill it out when you go "in transit" to embassy? Or do you wait until you/ your fiance receive communication from the embassy via email/mail?
  5. I'm so sorry to hear this. What is meant to be will be. Positivethoughts sent your way. Regarding the error in the name. Was the error in the beneficiary name or the petitioner? Also, did USCIS make the error or was the error on your end?
  6. Do I need to do this even though it's USCIS fault??? I submitted the form with USCIS to correct. Doesnt NvC have my packet? That would have a copy of my 129f, forms, passport,airline tickets, and birth certificate showing its USCIS. All of my documents are correct, it's just the noa1 and NOA2 letter that is wrong
  7. I'm the sponsor. The good thing is my forms are right. ..I'm just nervous because the USCIS approvals are wrong. One letter. I could have died.
  8. I just received my Noa2 in the mail and noticed they misspelled my last name. I filled out the change form online however now I'm worried that it could be wrong at NVC. Will the updated spelling be transferred to the NVC? Or do I need to do something separate to notify them? So upsetting
  9. My fiance and I are currently going through k1 visa process. In one of the other threads I saw someone mention that they needed to have the birth certificate translated to English. Any idea of where this can be done in Santo Domingo? Also my fiance is telling me that when you get copies of your birth certificate, there is an expiration date. Anyone ever heard of this?
  10. Hoping you can answer another question. I'm reading alot of different things in regards to NVC and I'm a little confused. 1) do I receive communication via mail or email from the NVC? 2) am I paying fees to the NVC and/or uploading documents to the NVC?
  11. Ok I see..its listed on the website before you download the form
  12. Just checked left hand corner of each page and the only thing it says is " form I-134 02/13/19" I searched USCIS and this was the only one so I guess this is it. Thanks 😊
  13. I noticed that the form says it expires 2/28/2021. Have they changed the forms?
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