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    Any 2018 fillers still waiting? What's your story? 
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    $13k is a pretty hefty sum to pay for any petition! Wow! Does your attorney work in the oval office? Is he a celebrity attorney?😳 Oh dear! Anyway moving forward..you can usually travel within the validity of your AP(guessing you mean combo card)...you mentioned you did previously..then you should be able to again..just make sure you get back here before midnight!😀 lol..get back before it expires! Your attorney should renew your AP asap and do it properly with the relevant supporting documents and appropriate form!👍
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    Still pondering on your case and I must say I'm personally annoyed at this sum you were made to pay!!! This is robbery! And to add that they treat you like trash whenever you reach out? Hell no!!! For that sum, I'll have my own office space in that law firm! No kidding! They better move over when I come through! Good thing you've reached out to VJ where you can get all kinds of support and priceless information! But don't be a door mat and let them walk all over you....stand up and let them begin to treat you like royalty! You are their boss and a celebrity for that retainer fee! Act like it!😏💁
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    Sorry to hear it's taking so long for them to approve your case. You can travel with your EAD but make sure you are back before it expires. Ask you attorney if he received any reason on why it was denied. You can also write to Vermont requesting a reason on why it was denied if I am not mistaken. Also you should reach out to your local Congressman/woman and to get any update on your case. 
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