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    Sam1976 got a reaction from Suze1 in Consulate interview   
    I logged and created accounted . I have chosen a date. The only thing it didnt show the appointment date from nvc. Just option chose a date . They sent me a confirmation email
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    Sam1976 reacted to Ron Babb in Affidavit of support /income required   
    He has a family of five.  Assuming he is sponsoring only one of your immigrants that is $43,950 required for his income for a family of six.   Just an estimate.
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    Sam1976 reacted to milimelo in Case at nvc/ where to do the waiver.   
    That will happen at the interview. 
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    Sam1976 reacted to designguy in Police cerificate/ nvc   
    No. It’s states very clearly that you don’t 
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    Sam1976 reacted to NancyNguyen in Filing ds 260 to nvc   
    Nvc will process your documents as usual, you will find out if you need waiver after the interview.
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