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  1. Thank you for your information, I'll make sure everything is right!!
  2. We decided that we will follow the path of Cr1, which may be longer, but better. We will go to Mexico, my question is whether I will have to register the marriage certificate first in Brazil and then my fiance will enter the l-130 because the certificate will be from Mexico, or can I send the Mexico marriage certificate in the Cr1 petition? Someone here with a similar experience who can help me?!
  3. I understand, my fiance and I are going to look at the CR-1 that it would probably take a little longer before I can get in, but that maybe it works better
  4. Glad it worked out for you! and how long did your CR-1 process take?
  5. I understand, everything was complicated before, but now it got worse because of the corona virus, I hope that everything is right for you too !!
  6. Would a wedding in Mexico be better? Brazil is extremely bureaucratic to marry foreigners
  7. Sorry I was not so clear, I meant that some people have their petition approved but they have no more answers about the progress of the visa. I haven't sent it yet because my fiance and I are in doubt, if that would be the best way or not, I know that everything will be delayed and delayed, but we wanted more certainty of what would be better
  8. Yes, I agree, I hope we can make the best decision. Thank you!!
  9. My fiance and I didn't think about this possibility before, but we will talk, he can come to Brazil, I believe it would not be in his plans, that's why k1 is still our first plan
  10. Yes this is good, but I believe that for that I should have a valid visa
  11. Definitely the Cr-1 would be the best option, I will talk to my fiance about it, because we need to be ready to get married.
  12. This is new for me, I will research about it, thank you so much for this information
  13. My fiance and I were in doubt, because we don't know if the call centers are analyzing the new petitions, we will try to send and see if we received at least NOA1
  14. Yes we are finishing filling out the forms and documentation, thanks for this information!!
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