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    My wife will be applying for Expedited Naturalization under Section 319b under the Immigration and Nationality Act. I've had a really hard time finding information on how to do this so I'll be documenting our process and posting resources for anyone that is doing this now or may need help in the future.
    To see if you qualify, learn about the process, and other FAQ from USCIS, view Expedited_Naturalization_FAQ.pdf
    For a sample cover letter, view 319_b__Cover_Letter.doc
    For the latest Naturalization Application and Instructions (N-400) visit USCIS Forms
    Dual Citizenship
    If you are working towards dual citizenship in the United States as we are, read this page.
    For the United States official policy on dual citizenship, visit this page. There are also some "risks" to dual citizenship.
    For information on dual citizenship from Wikipedia and links to other government policies visit this page.
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    The 3 year period is waived. It does NOT speed up the application process, but it does waive the 3 year wait period completely. You'll have to talk to a lawyer to determine if you qualify. According to the USCIS document above these are the employment requirements.
    The U.S. citizen must be “regularly stationed abroad” in the employment of:
    • The U.S. government; or
    • An American institution of research recognized as such by the Attorney General; or
    • An American firm or corporation engaged in whole or in part in the development of foreign trade and
    commerce of the U.S., or a subsidiary thereof; or
    • A Public International Organization in which the U.S. participates by treaty. Per Title 8 of the Code of
    Federal Regulations, Part 319.5, these organizations are: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and
    The UN and all agencies and organizations which are a part thereof; or
    • Is authorized to perform the ministerial or priestly functions of a religious denomination having a bona
    fide organization within the U.S. or is engaged solely as a missionary by a religious denomination or by
    an interdenominational mission organization having a bona fide organization within the U.S.; and
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