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  1. Hey, I really could not find an answer to this question so I was wondering if someone can help me out! I'm from Canada and I plan on visiting my fiance in the USA and getting married there, and then returning to Canada a few weeks later since I have school to attend. I know that legally anyone visiting in the US can get married and that it is only considered fraud if the foreign spouse applies for adjustment of status (AOS) and stays/starts living in US. And that is of course not what we want to do. We want to get married so that we can start the IR1/CR1 spouse visa process asap. So I was wondering, would my then US spouse be able to apply for the IR1/CR1 while I am still there in the US? Or can my spouse only apply after I leave and then I return again for a visit? Essentially, would I first have to leave US for my spouse to apply or can my spouse apply while I am still there in the US in the couple of weeks after we get married? Thanks!
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