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  1. 7 minutes ago, JFH said:

    You will probably have to start visiting her. 

    Bring 60 years old does not mean the officer is stupid, as you will realise when you turn 60 and still have at least 10 years of work ahead of you. Whatever tale your girlfriend told them about being an online gamer for a living the officer will have heard dozens of times before. They see hundreds of people every day. It does fall into the gray area of “working” whilst physically present here without work authorization. 

    Her ties to Canada are weak and her frequent visits for months at a time suggest she is living here with brief visits back to Canada. You were lucky you got away with it as long as you did. She has no automatic right to admission. 5 times you were lucky. Game over on attempt 6. 

    I agree with you that her being 60 doesn't really mean anything in this situation.


    When she came to the US before she would only come for a few weeks or just a few days. 10 days being the longest that she stayed here. This was the 1st time she was coming for an extended period of time. Anyways if there is nothing we can do about removing or contesting the I-275 then I guess developing stronger ties with Canada would be the only option. Is there anyways you think we can strengthen her ties with Canada. If you have any suggestions that would be great. Thank you

  2. Hi, my girlfriend was traveling to the United States from Canada on July 17th. While attempting to board her flight she was brought into secondary questioning after saying to the first CBP agent that she was going to the United States for 3 months to visit her boyfriend. She has also been to the United States 5 times in the past 2 years and returned on time every time. During the 2nd questioning she was asked all about her job in Canada, what she was planning to do and more. She answered the questions for the agent however, during the talks she stated that she was going to be searching for a job. She did not mean searching for a job in the United States. Just that during her time here she would be looking for a job in Canada. She also explained that she has an online job where she livestreams playing video games. However, the agent was around 60 years old and didn't understand what she meant. Talking about work prompted the agent to deny her attempt of entry. Stating that she feared that she would become an illegal immigrant in the United States. This doesn't make any sense since she is 22 years old and has been to the US 5 times in the past two years returning every time. Also, when she was first given the I-275 form the CBP officer assumed she was staying for 5 months not 3 as planned. Therefore, during the whole investigation the officer assumed she would be staying for 5 months not 3. My GF even said she could provide bank statements on her phone showing that she had a job. However, she did not want to see those statements unless they were on paper. Anyways, now that we are in this situation what are our options regarding expunging this I-275 off her record, since for the next 6 months she can not come here unless she has proof of a mortgage, and many other things she does not have. Since she is only 22 years old living with her parents she doesn't have proof of these things. Her job also is basically working for herself, since technically she isn't an employee of the Website she uses to stream. Therefore, how is she able to obtain a letter from her employer, when technically she is her own employer. If there is any way that we can expunge the I-275 to make it easier for her to travel to the United States for temporary visits. Also, if that is not possible is there any way she can somehow work around the employment part since, she is self employed. Along, with the part where she needs proof of payment for a mortgage/ rent when she lives at home. One option we have looked into is DHS Trip would this be useless? Thank you!

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