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  1. In addition to what @Congoman has mentioned (assuming you're related by birth), you may need to show that you live in the SAME household, so likely some document with his name at the same address where you reside. Perhaps, he has an official ID registered with the same address as the one on your ID? (of course, you'd send copies of both, e.g. drivers' licenses)
  2. Let me clarify, since your income was not enough to sponsor your wife, you are having your brother file an Affidavit of Support I-864 as a co-sponsor? And need proof of relationship for you and him?
  3. If you can upload/provide evidence that you have applied for or have requested the background check, or somehow show it is pending and in process (maybe a letter stating as such), NVC may proceed with qualifying you documentarily. They may instruct you then to bring it to the interview.
  4. "Back to Canada" implies her nationality is Canadian? Did she enter under a visa (inspected with an I-94), or did she simply drive across the border under visa waiver? If she entered with an I-94, the class of admission is indicated on the form. If under visa waiver, she came in as a Canadian visitor (non-immigrant). For the purpose of the I-131 filing when the time is right (married; in the US; concurrently with filing I-130/485), the answer would be (B) - she would need an Advance Parole to return. For more information about the Advance Parole, please see the following: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/advance-parole A Reentry Permit is for Permanent/Conditional Residents, and therefore, is not applicable to her at this time. It may be more appropriate after getting Legal Permanent Resident status. The answers to some frequently asked questions concerning these travel documents can be found here: https://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/advance-parole-reentry-permit-and-refugee-travel-documentation-returning-aliens-residing She can leave and come back any time before getting married. No time restrictions. Once married and having filed I-130/485/131, she MUST NOT leave the USA without the Advanced Parole document in her hands. (Disclaimer: Please understand that as I am not aware of the details of your specific situation, this is only my opinion. See a professional lawyer if you need legal advice.)
  5. If you have never filed US tax returns, and have not been required to do so, then this is not applicable to you as Beneficiary. DS5540 is requesting tax returns for which YOU are a relevant party. The I-864 supporting tax returns are your husband’s, not yours (since he filed married but separate).
  6. Question 12 is a follow-up question concerning those family members for which Question 11 was applicable to determine if an exemption was granted.
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