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  1. Hadn’t considered Zika. Will look into this. Thanks. We’re prepared for quarantine, luckily I work from home and can have the essentials delivered. I was in quarantine previously in June and while it was annoying I didn’t find it particularly hard. Fiancé will he stay at an AirBnB when he comes here for his quarantine before we’re allowed to meet up and will have receipts to show this.
  2. Thank you. When I cross the border I plan to inform the border security of our intention to marry, and prove that I plan to return Canada as I have a full-time job and important appointments to attend.
  3. My American fiancé and I found out we were pregnant in May. I found out last week we’re expecting TWINS. We’ve been advised by CBSA that unless he can provide a marriage or birth certificate, he cannot come to Canada to attend the birth or help me with the babies postpartum. I’m expected to be on bed rest for a month starting in December and I have no family where I currently live. I plan to fly to the US for my baby shower in September. We were planning on pursuing the K1 process in hopes we could be reunited faster but the trade off is him not being here for this important time. What I want to know is will we be penalized if we get married while I am there? This has become more stressful as the days go on. I can’t do this without him. We considered going to Aruba and getting married there so that it wouldn’t impact our CR-1 visa process.
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