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  1. Tell us about your interview, please....

    1. Eandlevo


      Yes, our interview went by smooth and easy. It was early in the day. We were scheduled for 8:30AM. There was lot of security check and also questions regarding to COVID (Embassy sent us Covid question 2 days before interview that needed to be answers by email and hard copy to bring to Embassy)
      First you take number (they took our original marriage certificate and passport right away) and be seated after short while you have to go to one of the window where consular officer ask for documents
      The requested documents are as follows:
      Marriage certificate
      Birth Certificate
      Criminal Record
      Passport Photo
      and Pictures of our relationship.
      and than she told me sit down and take number to be called
      After little wait I went to the window.
      They took my finger prints and begun asking questions
      The questions asked are as follows:
      Where did you meet?
      What does your husband do?
      What do you do?
      What job will you do in America?
      (While asking these questions there were lots of eye contact and she was checking the computer everytime I answer questions and typing)
      She then Thank me for coming and said that I should receive my passport within 3-5 business days. 
      The visa officers were smiling and very helpful.
      Total time I have spent inside the Embassy just about 30 mins.
      The last recommendation is that if your documents are complete, there is nothing to be afraid of and it will go by fast.
      Good luck to everybody.
    2. Eandlevo


      sorry about the text font and size lol

    3. Nanna2020


      Thank you for your quick response. It is encouraging to hear that things are moving along. I am happy to hear of your good fortune. 

  2. Exciting. I see you have been scheduled for an interview. Was your case exspedited? 

  3. I still haven't heard a interview date and we got DQ'ed June 18th. I think they are giving interviews to people who got their interviews cancelled during earlier stages of COVID. I also read on the Turkish blog that someone went to interview and there were only 3 people in the consulate to conduct the interview so go ahead and image when we will be getting interview date. I emailed the embassy few times as well but no answer at all. It is a dreadful wait for all of us and I hope that will end soon.
  4. Yeah definitely keep us posted. I also recommend you visit this website too https://yesilkartforum.com/forum/ very informative. Bol sanslar!
  5. I have been checking it almost everyday too and It was basically saying the same thing day after day but when I visited today it was updated. This is very good news, since you got DQ'ed in April you will get interview hopefully very soon. I got DQ'ed in June 18th so I'm thinking there's a backlog until we get ours but at least they're resuming services better than nothing.
  6. Hello everyone as for most of you I am waiting interview date and time from the embassy as well. I came across this and wanted to share and hopefully it is a sign that we will be getting interview dates soon. This is a screen shot of the official web page of the Embassy in Ankara Turkey.
  7. Hi I got DQed on June 18 and still waiting for a interview date in Ankara embassy. I keep checking their website and Facebook but still no word of them being open and conducting interviews. Turkey has opened up their borders and still in phase one of opening so I don’t know when will the embassy be open. I sent email to embassy and got a generic message stating “Suspended all services except mission critical services and emergency appointment” I do not know what that includes but hoping they will open soon and continue interviews soon.
  8. Congratulations! I am in the same boat as you. I got DQ''ed. and now waiting on the interview date. The consulate in my country is closed and not running any visa services at the moment but hopefully they will open back up soon so we can have an interview date. I will be waiting until I actually receive interview date and time and then schedule a medical. I think medical expires after 6 months and giving the situation of the consulates are not open I would suggest that you should wait until you receive a interview date from NVC and then schedule for medical. Best of luck!
  9. Really wishing everyone fast approvals and best of luck with the process...It seems when you get approved at one stage another stage of waiting begins and it is really hard for everyone whom away from loved ones and hoping it will end soon...

  10. Yes this means your case has been approved and sent to NVC. You might want to look at under documents tab in my USCIS account you will see the approval notice/letter has been sent out. This answer is based on my case/status only. Look out for the email from NVC very soon. Hope this helps! Best of luck!
  11. Just to update on this issue I have sent out inquiry yesterday with bank statement and when I checked it this morning it was showing as "PAID". I am not sure it was because of the inquiry form I sent but strangely it was updated to "PAID" day after I sent the inquiry.
  12. I had a similar situation where my DS-260 payment was cleared within 3 days of payment and updated to "PAID" filed and submit civil documents as well but for AOS it has been sitting on "IN PROCESS for almost two weeks. So then I called NVC and rep told me to submit an inquiry on the website along with bank statement (a screen shot) of the payment that has been processed. I sent the inquiry today along with the screen shot of the statement. Maybe just to be sure give them a call and ask what to do? Good luck to all!
  13. Hello all, It seems like lots of people went through or going through this payment stuck thing. In my case I got the USCIS approval on 5/26 and got the email from NVC same day. I made payments to both AOS and DS-260 and DS-260 was updated to "PAID" within 3 days but as of today AOS still says "IN PROCESS" so it has been almost two weeks. This morning I gave NVC a call luckily I was able to connect and explained the status and rep told me to fill out an inquiry on website and attach a bank statement screenshot with payment showing cleared. I just fill it out and attached the screenshot today. Hopefully they will update it and so I can be done with AOS. Good luck to everyone and please do update as I will when my status changes.
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