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  1. Hi guys we got out interview today in San Diego! We were approved on the spot, they ask how and when we meet, and if we become girlfriend and boyfriend on the first date and that's about it, besides the normal questions like names and date of birth plus the I-485 questions. It was really fast and straight forward, 30 minutes after leaving we got the notification of our card being produce for me and my k2. I hope everything goes smoth for the ones who are still waiting, and we will see you guys in 2 years for the ROC.
  2. 6:45am🥴 I will update you first about the questions they ask lol
  3. We got the letter in the mail today! Wednesday 26th of May we have the interview, did you get yours?
  4. I receive my SSN card the next day of recieving my combo card 🙂
  5. Congrats! Two day ago our case also updated to show the interview was scheduled! Happy to see things are moving for all of us.
  6. What are the odds?! We were ready since August too lol let me know your interview date too. I'm so glad to see San Diego moving. Besides the basic documents like birth certificate, passport etc. We gonna bring the following let us know if enough or we can add or remove some: Tax transcripts 2020 where we file marriaged jointly (should we bring 2019,2018?) Statements of joint account Proof of me and the kids being on my husband health insurance Car insurance ( my husband, mom and I are on the same plan insurance) Proof of me being the beneficiary of his life insurance and 401k Lease of our apartment (this one has my maiden name, cause we signed it when we first move before marriage, hopefully not a problem either) Documents of the new house we are buying (we are closing late June) loan is under my husband name but the title is under both of our names. Photos of last year with all the special (and no so special) occasions of our life together. I'm just gonna print all the photos with the dates and name of the people on it, since I'm assuming they will keep those.
  7. Hi guys, I was notify today that our interview was schedule! Our PD is June, 2020, and we are in San Diego, so I'm really surprised! I think our request to our congresswoman to look our k2 EAD/AP trigger something (I recieved my combo card since October 2020) cause just yesterday those forms were approved! I will let you guys know the date of the interview, in the mid time we will start gathering all the documents!
  8. Good luck with the interview! We didn't recieve the EAD for our k2 either, but I did guess we will have to wait for the interview
  9. Yes we did. I-485, I-765 and I-131, I recieve my combo card and SSN in October we though his was going to be send a little bit later but only his 485 was modified to ready to schedule interview
  10. We submit our papers back in late May, we had our biometrics in August and our case is ready to be schedule for a interview since August too. We were hoping to have his SSN before that day but it just seems uncertain so we were thinking about an ITIN
  11. Hi guys hopefully you can help me, we are in the process of AOS, I already have my combo card and SSN, but for my son (k2) the haven't issued the combo card so no SSN so far, would it be possible to get an ITIN number for him for tax season? Is it advisable? He is only 7 y.o. Thank you
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