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  1. I was scheduled for biometrics today as well, lol. Guess we're getting automatically rescheduled.
  2. Hello. I am not doing my adjustment of status from a K1 but from a tourist visa and I did not submit my I-693 initially as I am intending to bring it to the eventual interview. The only reason I posted here is because the other subforum is good as dead.
  3. Got scheduled for biometrics and had to show up on 12/24/2020 but all USCIS offices will be closed due to the federal holiday. Am I supposed to receive a letter noting the cancellation of my previous appointment any time before the 24th? How does this whole thing work? Thanks.
  4. Republicans are delusional. There's no fraud whatsoever, 32 lawsuits lost attest to that.
  5. It's nice to hear a well-spoken President considering we've had to listen to a babbling-rambling moron for 4 years. Sanity for my ears and mind.
  6. Never won the popular vote, got impeached, lost re-election. This tool likes to call himself “your favorite president”. LOL.
  7. You're entitled to your own opinion as I am entitled to mine. That's the beauty of democracy. I respect your opinion but don't share it, so I'll end it here.
  8. No, that's why I want Joe Biden as the president of the United States of America because he has integrity and does actually care about his fellow citizens, who has a plan for the future and over 75,000,000 U.S Citizens that trust him to do the right thing for once and for all. What I don't like is the sore loser currently grasping for straws through his corrupt Supreme Court with his newly appointed lackey Amy Coney Barrett who wants to dismantle Obamacare and will remove the right for women to have a choice in abortions. The one that appointed a new Postmaster General that had stocks in the USPS' rival company and had made donations to Trump's PAC for $600,000 and who ended up dismantling a prestigious institution. The one that paid $750 in taxes, the one that swore to have a vaccine for Election Day but failed to deliver, the one who swore that he had the COVID-19 pandemic under control but got rid of the CDC taskforce, the one who decided to stray away from science. The one who told the Proud Boys and all his racist cult to stand by and be ready. The one who, through nepotism, placed his entire family into important White House positions. The one who uses the White House for his campaigns and breaks the Hatch Act every time. The one who has no standards, that bankrupted casinos and hotels. The one whose father was a white supremacist with KKK ties. I could keep going, try me.
  9. I guess you didn't understand my point or I didn't express myself clearly. Oh well. It's like talking to a wall.
  10. That's a pretty good description for the loser in this election, more than anything. If he had to choose between saving you the average Joe or one of his friends that can make him richer, can you guess who he'll save? It's easier just to take the L.
  11. Hey guys, I am trying to get some answers regarding the use of the Marketplace and obtaining health insurance. I sent my application through the Marketplace (ACA) and was given options to sign up with a few decent plans (Bluecross Blueshield, etc) but I just received a letter in the mail stating that I was signed up for Medicaid here in Illinois (Molina Healthcare) and obviously I cannot be on Medicaid due to the public charge ruling. My questions are: 1) I am going to disenroll from Medicaid ASAP to avoid any unpleasant entanglements in the future. Will this affect my immigration process in any way? Is it a positive thing that I'm doing my disenrollment to prove USCIS I didn't mean to be approved for Medicaid? I'm doing AOS from VWP. 2) Once I am disenrolled, should I sent a notice to USCIS or wait until the interview? Should I bring an updated I-944? 3) Should I be freaking out at all? Thank you.
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