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    Iam French from Paris and my fiancé is from New York We met on a dating app in 2016 !! Not original but live at the first word 😂 🥰we have a one year old baby boy 🥰hope to be reunite soon 🙏 we will go ahead with the cr1 visa once my fiancé become us citizen (he is at the last step of the process his interview was in April but canceled because of COVID 19..)

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  1. Hi everyone hope someone can help me! My fiancé American citizen and I French citizen are living in France . Wa want to know if it is possible to submit the I 130 petition at the ambassy and so going through dcf processing . But on what circumstances can we based our request ? Thank you
  2. Good to hear good news !! It worth trying sometimes now the big part is coming but lucky you the dcf process is faster !
  3. Wouaou that’s a long time 😭 we will see how things going on hope the best .. thank you so much .
  4. Yes ai gonna work with an attorney in immigration he used to work on waiver main part of his work . If you have an idea for the processing time for the waiver to be approved, I have seen here and on some fb groups that for some it can be fast about 4/5 month and other for a year iam wondering why ? If we had enough good reason can we expedite the waiver ? how long does it takes then ? Could we both expedite the i-130 and the waiver ? Thank you so much
  5. It s gonna be 1 year on February 2021 and wait 2 other year it will be so long that’s why we want to fix this problem before
  6. I know it is not a big deal but iam afraid of not being approved .. I prefer to do it with a lawyer to maximize my chances. But the process seem to be so long , the waiting time for the waiver and the hole sois Al visa process .. honestly I didn’t think about it I had problems with my pregnancy I had to stay in the us I gave birth there. I overstayed my esta for 7 month.. my fiancé proposed me to marry and adjust status I was ok but then felt so sad that I left my family this way and maybe wait for month to go back to France and I felt lost alone there difficult to adjust when you came from an other country and when you did dit think about staying there so I decided to go back . And to be honest I regret coz now we are separate my son don’t see his father and I put myself in a. Difficult situation with my overstay and with all what happen now with COVID 19 the road seem so long de nd I don’t know when we can see each other .. but it is life sometimes you take some decision to quick and ne don’t think about consequences.
  7. Ok so till now nothing change.. thanks just something I find an immigration attorney in Paris, he is American and he is used with waivers and all those things. I will shredule an appointment and share here on a post some information if it can help some !
  8. I also read that it confirm what I have read the 601 waiver can be file at the same time with the i-130. They talk about ciudad juarez file office and I don’t know if it the same all waivers from overseas. https://www.dhs.gov/uscis-processing-waivers-inadmissibility
  9. @Boiler this is the link they don’t mention spéciale circumstances but you can read it maybe tell me what you understand ! Thank you . https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/how-prepare-form-i-601-request-waiver-inadmissibility.html
  10. @Boilerthey said it was a 601 waiver and after what I read online that it is possible it makes me doubt that’s why maybe someone did it and can Explain
  11. Hi everyone hope you are all good despite all this world mess situation .. we plan to get married and file the i130 petition. I know in advance that iam not admissible (I overstayed me esta for 7 month and get back to my country) I always read that we have to go till the interview and be find inadmissible in order to file the waiver. But I saw an an fb waiver group that some dir file the i-130 and the the 601 waiver at the same time to save time as it is a long process. And also find the same information on different website and also the contrary. Iam lost ☹️If someone can give me some information or if you have been through this process can you help me !! Thanks a lot I know this community is very helpful.
  12. There is always a light at the end stay strong and don’t loose hope everyone 🙂
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