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  1. Both of u go to the boarder control,  in your towns and ask, take their name and compare notes.... good luck

  2. Just wanted to let everybody know that as of today, they let my fiance in with her k1 visa, we entered thru land from Mexico.
  3. Thank you for your answer, my fiance is actually an mexican national. We are going to try it out passing thru land.
  4. She is a mexican national, she can drive up here, thank you for your answer
  5. Iam slowly starting to freak out because i cant find answers anywhere, and the CBP updates really dont give me a good answer. Anybody here crossed by land or air with a k1 visa? Thank you
  6. Anybody know if they would let my fiance enter the US with the k1 visa?
  7. We just got the K1 visa approved, got it by mail. I wanted to know if anybody is going thru or possibly knows if they will let my fiance in the US with the k1 visa. Thank you.
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