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  1. This is my first time to be out for soo long and its due to virus pandemic. No criminal record on my file. Hope everything will go smooth on my return. Thanks.
  2. Hi Susie. Im on the same boat. Almost 7 months out here. I was suppose to go back in the states last March 26. But due to this pandemic I was not able to. Tried to get to another flight but was cancelled. My question is if I go back soon in the states, would there be a problem? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Mike. Your answer to my question makes sense. My green card expires in 2026. It will be my 6th month here in the Philippines on the 24th of April.
  4. I was informed by a friend that green card holders can only stay outside of the country for less than 6 months. Anything more than that , the lpr will encounter problems when arriving at the border.
  5. Thanks. Im at the the Philippine department of tourism site now. Cant find any lead to the emergency flights.
  6. How can I get in one of those sweeper flights? Im from Davao City which is a province in the Philippines.
  7. Thanks for the response. We already rebooked our International flight to April 17,2020. But until now there is no domestic flight.
  8. Hello all. New member here. Would like to ask for advice about my situation. Im a green card holder and currently Im in the Philippines now. My planned trip back to the states was on March 26 of this year but it was cancelled due to the virus problem. I will be reaching my 6 month stay here on the 22nd of April. Still there are news about extending the lockdown in our city which means no internarional flight. Will I still be allowed to enter the the states if I stay here for more than 6 months? Also my son will be coming with me, its his first time to go to the states with an immigrant visa that expires on April 24,2020. Thanka all.
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