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  1. Hi guys, does anyone know what the best method for re-scheduling an appointment is? I called two diff numbers and nobody was able to give me an answer. Our appointment is in Montreal on January 9th and we are going to be out of the country and don't have court documents ready from my husbands arrest in May (charges are going to be dropped) but I rather him go with all his shiit together. If someone re-scheduled please let me know the process - Yes, I am aware that it can take up to another year
  2. Thank you, we are meeting with our lawyer tomorrow. How did you reschedule? I can't find a link or anywhere where it even gives me the option to.
  3. So my husband still has pending charges, he might face probation for a year and NOW we got an interview letter for January. Should he still attend the interview if he is put on probation? or should we keep re scheduling until he is off everything (which would make the most sense) but now he will have criminal record. if anyone here has a spouse with uttering threat charges, i would appreciate some information.....
  4. Do you know if he can travel while he has pending charges? or should he avoid that until his case in Canada is settled?
  5. Hi guys, I just submitted all my husbands paperwork to the NVC including the police records which show no criminal record. However, this week a neighbor charged him with an "Uttering threat" (UGH) he did not go to jail however, he does have to get his fingerprints and attend to court/get a lawyer. How is this going to affect our case given the fact that the police records that i submitted are clean (thankfully) and not just for the case but even for him to come to the USA to visit while we get our papers.... Any advice is appreciated.. THANK YOU!
  6. Hi everyone, I am at the NVC part (and it is taking me forever to complete this) can anyone help me with the police certificate in Canada (specifically ONTARIO) I have seen some videos on youtube on what to get but I feel a little confused. Keep in mind that Ontario is under a serious lockdown so idk if I can even get the documents that I need! HELP!
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