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  1. Sorry hon. I'm not going to see my boyfriend now. But it'll happen later. It's difficult.
  2. Now unsure whether to change my flight. Airline is offering a voucher for the price of the flight and I've heard that the UK may be added to the European ban list.
  3. I have my bank app and my credit card.
  4. Oh no I won't have anything like that. I'll just have my clothes that I'm bringing and the only paperwork is for my flights, hotel, travel insurance etc. All of which are for the dates I'm there and no longer.
  5. That's what I thought. I'm going to tell them I'm there to see my boyfriend.
  6. My other anxious worry is this damn virus.
  7. Already handled. I have friends there and we have talked about that.
  8. We met online and clicked. My concern is if I say friend and they check the hotel reservation which is in his name and then become suspicious why I didn't disclose he is my boyfriend? It's like a double edged sword. I want to be honest and tell them I've met someone online and I am here to meet them face to face.
  9. Hi There, I honestly think the main reason I'm posting is for some reassurance and advice. I have really bad anxiety and am heading over to the USA to visit my boyfriend, this is our first time meeting. I'm there for 4 days and have my return flight as I have to be back home for work. So here is the backstory. When I was in my 20s, I was seeing someone in the USA. The last time I travelled there was 2005 where I was interrogated by border patrol and it terrified me. I was let in but after coming home, the relationship just wasn't working. Now I'm heading to meet my new boyfriend for the first time. I have been approved my ESTA, have my return flight, hotel info which is booked in my boyfriends name etc. We are going to be sightseeing etc. My boss is also sending me a message from her business account to state I work for her and am due back etc. In the last few days I've literally worried myself sick over going through border patrol. I have anxiety and I know I shouldn't read the forums but I'm really making myself ill. I've seen posts saying to say I'm just visiting a friend then others that say be completely open but don't give too much info. The thought of being turned away is terrifying me and I'm making myself ill. Am I worrying over nothing? I've lost count of the number of forums I've read. I intend to say I'm visiting someone I met online and we are going to be sightseeing. Any advice would be amazing. Sorry for the long story. Thanks.
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