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  1. So myUSCIS says my spouse's green card was mailed, and USPS says it was delivered two days ago, but nothing in the mail yet. Hoping it will show up soon.
  2. Thanks, that's helpful... Do you think writing a letter to a local office would be helpful? The offices are closed, but there's still staff working inside.
  3. In MyUSCIS, under I-551 it says that "USCIS has accepted your application, petition, or request for processing." Do you have that message, too?
  4. Yes, we are weighing the risks and benefits on both sides. Thanks for your advice.
  5. OK, thanks, I just added her to my employer insurance plan. And we are both able to return to Taiwan, which has very few cases compared to the US.
  6. How soon does my wife (IR-1) need a health insurance plan? Within 30 days of arriving in the US? Also, after receiving the stamp on her I-551, she can technically leave the US (even without receiving her green card) for as long as a year, right? Trying to decide if we need to leave the country while the pandemic is worsening here...
  7. I'm a little confused about the two. What's the difference? OK, thanks.
  8. This timeline is helpful. My wife just entered a few days ago. We're hoping to get her SSN soon, too.
  9. We were in the same situation. We decided to come here to avoid the hassle of repeating the process.
  10. My wife just arrived in the U.S. as an IR-1. I could add her to my health insurance plan, but it is kind of pricey. Does she qualify for ACA (I'm assuming, after she receives her green card?), and does having health insurance via the ACA count as public charge? In other words, will it count negatively towards her future immigration applications?
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