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  1. We got the greencard approved today! Interview was easy and low-key and eventually concluded with the guy saying "Okay, you're totally married. I think we're done here." I will post the review/recap of the Boston office. Also, several other people had the experience of being summoned for a second biometrics appointment. My husband went back in and this time they only scanned one finger, so he wondered if something was messed up with the scan the first time.
  2. Sorry to doublepost, but @semurph1 and @AandS have either of you had any luck figuring out the extra biometrics appointment?
  3. So, he hasn't called yet about the extra biometrics appointment (has anyone else learned anything new?) but we got the interview letter today! November 19. Hope that bodes well for others' timelines as well...
  4. So here's a weird thing. My husband did his biometrics on August 12, and on September 12 he received his combo card. It does say it's for both work authorization and can serve as a travel document on the card. Today, we got a letter in the mail. I was excited, thinking it might be an interview date. Instead it's a biometrics appointment for November 12, specifically for the I-131 travel document. ??? When he received the first biometrics notification it did say it was specifically for I-765 and I-485, but then he got the combo card so I assumed I-131 was rolled into that. Is that normal? I haven't heard about someone having a second biometrics appointment once they already got the combo card...
  5. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for your loss and I'm glad you were able to get an emergency document to cross the border. My husband is also Canadian and has a father in poor health, and we definitely had conversations about what might happen if something went wrong, especially when everything was shut down in March - May.
  6. We filed in March, and my husband was notified in late July that his biometrics appointment was in mid-August. We're in Boston, and he said the appointment was super quick and efficient.
  7. You'll still send your initial full application to the Chicago Lock Box. They just want to know where you will eventually be interviewing/interacting with. I think I did both, depending on how obvious the location was from the city name. I don't think it should really matter. The lawyer who looked over my forms said to put in N/A at the beginning of a section. (i.e. other names used, or kids, or other addresses) but you didn't need to fill it in for every box after that. Yes. I think "PRESENT" was actually already filled in on my version of the forms. If you haven't already, I strongly suggest looking at the Sample Immigration Forms. They helped me a lot with knowing how to approach the forms.
  8. Us too! Fingers crossed we have a similar timeline... Congrats! Can't wait to hear how the interview goes and what it's like in the office.
  9. Holy moly! That's incredible. We got notified about the EAD today, but no interview news yet. Where's your local office?
  10. Sorry to double post, but we also got the "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" update this evening! The processing times in Boston look like they range from 9 months (50% of cases are complete by that time) to 35 months (for 93% to be complete). I really hope it's more like the former than the latter. Now, we wait.
  11. @AandS thats so exciting! My husband just did the biometrics yesterday (similar situation here in Boston - very safe, very well run, he said he wished he could have complimented someone on it) and so hopefully we'll get a similar status next week or so?
  12. Congrats! It's so nice to things are moving, even if it's slow.
  13. Of course! Sorry - we're in the Boston area. The ASC is in Revere.
  14. I'm guessing not a lot of us applied in March because of the recent-ness of the I-944. This thread seems a lot quieter than February or April! For anyone tracking on a similar timeline, we got the letter yesterday for my husband's biometrics appointment in mid-August. First update since the NOA!
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