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  1. Thanks! at first I did put the old passport number but then emailed the embassy and they told me to edit and put the new passport number. Oh and btw it's the Abu Dhabi embassy that requires the appointment to be registered.
  2. Yes I did, waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone had gone through this same issue and might have an input that could fix it.
  3. Hi all, When trying to register my interview appointment at the Embassy, I keep getting the following error: I did receive an appointment letter from NCV and I am typing in the correct IV case number. Did this happen to anyone or is there anything I am doing wrong? TIA
  4. Hi all. While I was waiting to receive an interview date for my CR1 visa, I had to renew my passport and therefore the passport number changed. I just received the IL with my interview date and I am trying to register the appointment with the embassy. At some point of the registration, it is asking for my passport number and that it should match with the DS 260 Form I had submitted before. My question is: should I put my new passport number or the one that I put on DS 260 form? I guess it would make sense to put the new passport number cause that's where the visa will be printed, but Im a lil confused with the " should match your DS 260 form". Thanks!
  5. Hey Jay! I noticed you actually got your IL already. Congrats 😁 Let us know how the interview goes! Best of luck
  6. Patiently waiting for that IL as well. Got DQ’d last Oct and haven’t heard since then. Hoping good news will come soon.
  7. Thank you guys, much appreciated your input. I’ll stay outside US for some time cause I don’t wanna take the risk and jeopardize something else. Thank you!!
  8. Congrats to y'all!! Super happy for you guys. We're still waiting for Abu Dhabi embassy to schedule ours and hopefully early next year I'll be sharing the same happiness as you guys 😃
  9. Hi guys. I am currently in US visiting my husband, I've been here for the past 2 months on my B2 visa. Me and my husband are traveling to my home country this week for the holidays and I was thinking of returning in two weeks time with him. We have been DQ 2 months ago and are currently waiting for our CR1 interview at the Abu Dhabi embassy. I know that being outside the US for only 2 weeks it is really a short period of time when trying to come back and I would most likely be denied entry again, I would like to hear your thoughts if I should take the chance and come and explain that I am not stupid enough to come and try to overstay my stay and jeopardize my green card application when we waited all this time, spent all those application fees and we're so close to the final step of getting it. I am currently on unpaid leave but I am still employed by a company back in my country of residence where Im due to return to work early next year. Looking forward to hear your opinions! Thanks
  10. Hi! Is your case expedite or regular? I’m waiting for an interview too in Abu Dhabi, DQ 20 Oct.
  11. Hi, can I ask where is this USCIS live chat located? Trynna find it but I can’t. This isn’t the same as AskEmma or is it? Thanks
  12. Hi guys. I have some questions regarding the online filling of the I 130 form. As I read before, when choosing to send the paper version we should not leave any spaces blank and if the field wasn't applicable, we should fill with N/A or NONE. Does the same applies for the online version? As there are questions like "Name of your previous spouse" that's not applicable in my case. Another question, when asked "When did your last marriage end" and is asked to fill in a date, if this isn't applicable, should I just leave it like it is (MM/DD/YYYY)? TIA. Ana
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