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    Cassie got a reaction from Terjancebu in What kind of organization/folder do I use for I-129F   
    I'm a big fan of paper clips and binder clips. I have had my AOS package and removing conditions package returned to me due to various reasons and it was all rearranged the way they want it. I would not send in a 3 ring binder with page protectors, IMHO.
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    Cassie got a reaction from londongal in The RFE Master List   
    Methinks that is correct. My short form BC card was not acceptable since it didn't have enough information on it, like my parents' names.
    this also applies to the non-USC as well.
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    Cassie got a reaction from KeithandKat in The RFE Master List   
    make sure you sign the cheque!!!
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    Cassie got a reaction from FLAussie in Fiancée Having Second Thoughts   
    Hate to break it to you, but it does happen. Once my now-husband and I decided to get married, we seriously thought about where we would live. And economics came into play. Which country would we be better off in at this moment in time? Would we be able to afford my ongoing medical bills in the US? Would my husband be able to find work easily in his field in Canada, or me in the US? which would set us up best in the long run? After crunching through everything, we decided on me coming to the US for now, and we would eventually move back to Canada. If you don't take financial issues into play when deciding to immigrate, you're foolish, IMHO.
    Oh, and we've just celebrated our fourth anniversary. Take that as you will.
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    Cassie got a reaction from clem in Same name in Advance Parole and Passport?   
    My AP was in my married name, and my passport was in my maiden name, and I didn't have any troubles. I carried a copy of my marriage certificate in case I was questionned about it, but not a problem. The only time you will be asked to show your AP is when you go through US Customs on the return trip, and they are used to this.
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    Cassie got a reaction from Yssa3675 in Moving from Canada to the US   
    1. Yes, I had a long list, including:
    --checking with my bank on how to continue paying on my student loan, got set up with online banking
    --get a copy of my medical file and/or dental file
    --checking with my CPA who did my tax returns if there was anything I had to worry about in that respect (ie. when I get ready to file my last Canadian Income Tax)
    --rerouting my mail to my parents
    ---get in contact with the tax people if you still get the GST tax rebate cheque, once you move to the US you are no longer eligible to receive it. So if you have direct deposit you need to make arrangements to stop the payments -- if that doesn't go through in time, don't spend any cheques that do get deposited after you move because they will make ways to collect it.
    2. I choose to have my stuff moved through a moving company that was well experienced in Canada/US moves. They had a checklist for me so that I could assemble all the paperwork for them -- they made it really easy. I left the documents with my parents, they came and picked up my stuff, and delivered to me without a scratch or anything broken within a couple of weeks (it takes a while to get stuff from Nova Scotia to Oklahoma!). Was definitely worth the money for us.
    3. Do a search in the threads here in the Canadian forum, this topic has come up a couple of times. Vaccinations definitely need be up to date, and you need proof of that, and I think you need another piece of paper from the vet r/t health of your pet.
    Good luck to you
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    Cassie got a reaction from Vicky and Larry in Our Fairy Tale is Over   
    Nah, it's not you. This past weekend, I dealt with some personal issues relating to 'settling in' -- I've been here almost 4 years and still dealing with it. I have finally let go of some things, and feel much better about things as a whole, but it still doesn't feel like home to me. My hubby is extremely supportive, which helps, but I can't but help to feel bad about it a bit. At least when we make the move to Canada, I will know exactly what he is feeling like!
    JenT, I am truly sorry to hear what has happened to you. I wish you nothing but the best.
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    Cassie got a reaction from Tuti & Baher in What Do You Hate About America?   
    Things that tick Me off about the USA:
    --if you speak up and dare to criticize the government (ohmigosh you can't actually want to hold them accountable!!) you're automatically labelled anti-American, unpatriotic, etc etc
    --if you speak up about the government sending troops into impossible situations (the war in Iraq for one), you're automatically labelled anti-American, unpatriotic, not supporting the troops, etc etc
    --if you speak up against the "I, me, my" mentality, if you dare to care about providing for others less fortunate than yourself (providing universal healthcare for one example), you are automatically labelled as a socialist, enabler, etc etc
    --if you profess to hold a belief or faith in God, you're automatically labelled brainwashed, judgmental, etc etc etc
    I could go on, but methinks you get my drift. I just hate the automatic, one size fits all labelling that goes on WAY too often around here.
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