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  1. Hi, it was really straightforward in the end. The doctor just asked me a bit of background about my problems with mental health. He reassured me that there were no red flags and he wouldn’t be making any recommendations for further tests. He asked me to confirm I had never attempted suicide etc. I guess it depends what doctor you get as the young guy I had doesn’t work there all the time. Hope it all goes well for you
  2. Thanks Pmta1, I have tried a lot of different tech fixes and have been going back to the website repeatedly. I think I'll go for the additional info sheets
  3. Thanks for your input Wuozopo. Do you think it would affect their decision that I have never been hospitalised and don't have a history of self harming? I've read accounts from people with these issues in their history and that seems to have made the process much more complicated and placed a higher burden of proof on them
  4. Ah! I didn't realise I had posted it in the Phillipines section! Thanks Greenbaum, I'll post it in the UK section
  5. Thanks Greenbaum, I'm going to go ahead with this plan. Wish me luck!!
  6. Hey guys, I have my K1 visa medical in Knightsbridge on Wednesday and I am starting to feel really anxious and under prepared! I have a history of depression and was diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 in 2016. That was probably my lowest point and since then I have got my life back on track through a mix of medication, counselling and taking responsibility for managing my symptoms. Ideally I would have more paperwork to prove this though. I moved city and GP in October 2019 and it has taken until now for my new GP practice to receive my medical records. I have my patient summary which has a decent amount of info but ideally I would have a letter from a GP that knows me well and also the psychiatrist who I was meeting regularly with for around 2 years up until the end of last year. I am going to prepare a timeline of my mental health, periods of counselling I have undertaken, groups I have attended etc to communicate the responsibility I have taken to manage my condition. I have read a lot on here about the benefit of having a letter from a medical professional attesting that you are “no longer a threat to yourself or others, now will be in the future”. How concerned should I be that I don’t have this? Also, If I am referred for a psychological assessment how long does that take to organise and would it need to be in London? Any help with this would be much appreciated! Cheers Stuart
  7. Hi, I'm filling out my DS-160 in preparation for booking an interview at the embassy in London. The CEAC online form won't let me 'add another' entry on the Previous Work/Education/Training Information page. I'm thinking of submitting my online DS-160 as it is and then printing the additional info along with my printed form and taking that to the interview. Would anyone recommend this course of action? I've tried to find contact details for the CEAC website to get someone to help but they appear to be illusive. Looking to get my interview arranged as soon as possible so any help would be much appreciated! Cheers Stuart
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