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    My interview was cancelled due to covid,it’s an F2A VISA, I have not been rescheduled ever since. Wondering wen the embassy will b open?

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  1. Hi Guys, I need some help. I came into the states about 6months ago, I got a job during my 2 month here nd I’ve been working since then. My major concern is getting a good tax payer when I can file my tax since I’ll be traveling to Nigeria next month. Any good tax collector in South Houston will be appreciated. I just need to know a good place I can file my tax when the time comes and the requirements that’ll be needed, thank you.

  2. Hi Guys, it’s been 4 months and some days since I entered the United States with an immigrant visa and my green card has not been issued yet. I called the USCIS and they asked if it’s been over 90 days since I got here and I said yes, they collected my receipt number and said I should call back in 30days if I’ve not heard anything about my green card. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there something wrong? Any help will be appreciated
  3. Hi Guys, I got my visa already, it came out a week after I submitted the transcripts they requested for. I just wanted to say thank u
  4. Thank you guys, I appreciate sincerely. You guys have been really helpful and I cannot wait to thank you all once I’ve gotten the Visa. My brother said he has applied for the Tax Transcript so he should get it by Wednesday and I can forward it to them by Thursday. Hopefully God finishes the rest. Thank u all, I do not take your helps for granted.
  5. I don’t know how this thing works, I don’t know anything about Tax Transcript, I went with all the docs he asked me to go to with. My Co Sponsor is my brother and I felt everything was complete cos I know nothing about tax and I kept on asking him if everything was complete and he said yes. I don’t even know what a Tax Transcript looks like to begin with.
  6. Ye Yes he is. He’ll b leaving on Sunday. He said by Wednesday I should get it. I appreciate y’all response
  7. I went with all they requested for excluding the Transcript. I told my Co Sponsor and he said he didn’t know it was going to be needed.
  8. He’s presently in Nigeria but wil be leaving this weekend to the US. He said he cannot request for it in Nigeria cause of the site unless he returns back. I just want to know how long it’ll take after submitting it
  9. Hi guys, Good morning y’all. I am worried and I need someone to tell me it’s okay. I went for my immigrant Visa interview yesterday, after all said and done my passport was returned to me with a white paper saying I should submit my Co-Sponsors IRS Tax Return Transcript for 2019 or 2020 which he’s working on already and It’ll take almost a week because he has to send it to Nigeria from the states. Is this something to be worried about? Is there a deadline to this?
  10. No dear not yet, wanted to book but they said I should call 2 wks before my interview. Interview is in April
  11. I think u have to pay for a full medicals again cos I heard so since u didn’t go for d first one. I almost scheduled for an appointment before my interview was cancelled last year. Call dem and ask though
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