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  1. Hello! I’m filling my AOS and I’d like to know how did you guys get the credit score and how long did it take? I’m going to call tomorrow Equifax explaining I don’t have a social security number
  2. It says to bring the documents with you to the interview. If they wanted you to send the documents before they would add it to the instructions.
  3. Hi! I don't think it's a bad sign. Just make sure to bring all the documents and I'm sure you'll be okay! Good luck🥳🥳
  4. Congrats!! Was it difficult for you to book an appointment? I've been waiting a week with not available dates
  5. Our case says "Ready" that's why I think the physical case is here but for some reason we don't get the right answer. All we have to do is wait unfortunately
  6. No problem! We have the same situation with our visa. The electronic case arrived on March but our physical file never did at least that's what the embassy told us. I guess they must have it since we email the NVC and they said they already sent it so we should email the embassy (again) we've been going back and forward with no answers. Everything is so confusing and they never provide us with good information. I guess we won't know unless they start processing K1 again. Hopefully soon. We can keep in contact for further information I will not doubt to let you know
  7. If you are waiting for your K1 visa in Buenos Aires, Argentina please leave any information you have so we can help each other. Here's the link for the NVC state https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/important-notice-for-k-visa-applicants-affected-by-covid-19.html
  8. I think you should come and have your interview. I'm currently in Buenos Aires and I know they are processing some cases. I'm waiting for the K1 Visa. Would you mind if I ask you how they contacted you to resume your case?
  9. I think it's not real. I don't see any official update. What I do now it's that the Embassy in Jordan is starting to process K1 Visa. They made it official on the website
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