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  1. Hi! Did you request the emergency interview? and is Sydney under any lockdown law? It seems that the US Embassy in Peru won’t process any K1 visas or CR1 visas for beneficiaries that were in the “interview” stage. We will see...
  2. Hi everyone, it is known that the EO won’t impact K-1 or CR1 visas issued before the EO. Many of us were in the final step, which is the interview to get the visa. The EO states a 60 day suspension, so no more K1s or CR1 will be given during that time. If there’s an extension (which more likely will happen) we might not be able to be reunited with our love ones after a long period of time (*). (*) Let’s don’t forget one of the purposes of the EO is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, POTUS wants to apply his plan of “opening up America again” so economy can find its way. Consequently, the virus might keep spreading making this a constant problem. If this happens, the EO might need several extensions. Is there a way the petition can be modified acknowledging an exclusion for the suspension of the processing of visas for immediate relatives, spouses and fiancés of USCitizens?
  3. I signed it! I’m a Peruvian fiancé whose interview got cancelled the day before (on March 16th) it was due. I feel sorry for spouses and families who are trying to be reunited. Please make this petition viral on social media. I can be found as @claukittens on iG if you wanna chat, and have a pending case in the Peruvian US embassy. Best wishes to everyone!
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