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  1. This current uncertainty is driving me crazy as hell. Took almost 2 years to get visa in hand by going through such stressful journey with USCIS , NVC document’s, rfe’s and consulates interview. Now this pandemic . Our country is currently in total lockdown since last one month. No airplane in and out✈️ . All are grounded and we are lockdown inside our house. Not sure when it will get reopen here. Meanwhile! in US is going crazy with virus and the law with immigration are changing every 2weeks. Don’t even want to travel anywhere at this moment. My visa is expiring on Sep 5 so I am Just worried if my CR1 visa expire than what will happen. Not sure whether they will extend or not..
  2. I had my CR1 visa interview on March 16th and got approved. Got my passport with visa stamp just after 2 days on March 18th. My CR1 visa will expires on sep 5 , hope flights will resume soon so I can fly to states. Otherwise have to redo medical and interview. I pray everyone a speedy process and things to come back normal ASAP. Finger crossed🤞
  3. I know there is still another 5 months and I am considering to fly asap if things get back to normal.. However, we don’t want to put ourself in risk to get infected with virus if things continues like this.IMO life is no better than anything. flying in this time will risk our life and others life too. Good thing is we both are staying in our parents house 🏡 together so financially we are worry free here.. Hopefully things will be better in couple of months. If it continues to be like this hope US embassy will understand these scenarios and consider for reinsurance of CR1 visa.
  4. Yes! Being US citizen I used my SSN for myself. But based on the news and current rules if ITIN is used in tax return then noone is eligible in that return. Please correct me If I am wrong. quoted from CNN. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/03/26/perspectives/stimulus-checks-undocumented-taxpayers/index.html “If the Senate bill is passed without amendment by the House and signed by the president, it will not be the first time that taxpayers who file their taxes with an ITIN will not receive stimulus checks. In 2008, when our country issued similar checks, not only were taxpayers who filed with ITINs excluded -- so were those with a valid Social Security Number who jointly filed a return with a spouse with an ITIN (with a limited exception for military families).”
  5. I already filed jointly in 2018 and 2019 using ITIN. Thats means we won’t get any?
  6. I m Really so upset. I have only one source of income from me and my foreign spouse doesn’t have any income. Our joint income is less than 75k. We did everything legal and there is no fault of my spouse neither is mine. How come they exclude conditions like this? Its just UNFAIR. My spouse got CR1 visa week back but my spouse is not able to get SSN until she be in US. Once she enters US and gets SSN will we be able to get this stimulus relief? Or there is no hope at all?
  7. I am US Citizen married with foreign spouse and I filed taxes married filing jointly with my spouse ITIN number. Our joint income is less than $50,000. Will I get $1200 or $2400?
  8. I had my interview on March 16th and got approved. Got my passport after 2 days on March 18th. My CR1 visa will expires on sep 5 , hope flights will resume soon so I can fly to states. Otherwise I have to redo medical and interview. God! I pray thing to come back to normal.
  9. I did medical of 5 March. They issued my visa 6 month from the date of my medical which will expire on 5 Sep.
  10. Ok. That means if Embassy have my I-130 they can reissue visa with new medical despite my visa expiration? I was worried that I again have to go through uscis route.
  11. Hello, my CR1 visa was recently issued 1 week back. I am currently staying with my US citizen spouse in my home country but we now thinking of not traveling to US until Virus situation calms down. With current uncertainty, what will happen to our visa if we don’t travel for at least 7-8 months? Do we have to start all over from i-130 again?
  12. just basic questions. Since I was staying in Nepal with my wife for a year, CO asked - doesn't I had plan to go to US? when did you get married? how did we met? Interview was less than a minute. Just FYI , US embassy in Nepal is closing it's interview for no-immigrant and for DV from March 17. I am not sure about Immigrant though... https://np.usembassy.gov/information-for-visa-applicants-regarding-covid-19/
  13. Had Visa Interview today. Got approved. No question asked regarding DS 5540 My timelines: Category CR1 Country - Nepal PD- 11/30/2018 Noa2 - 11/25/2019 DQ - 01/29/2020 Interview letter - 02/19/2020 Interview Date - 03/16/2020
  14. Thanks @JrGoldMiner. My wife had an interview today and she was approved too.. I was just wondering how long will it take to collect Passport from Nepal Investment bank?
  15. So Great 😄 ... Can you please share what were the question asked? and how long was the interview?
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