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  1. Exactly, I second that. From one day to the next is a Cluster #^@& there. One day the IATF lifts a measure and the locals beg it to be locked back down, then an adjacent area is also lifted and the same locals begging to be locked down the day prior are now clamoring to have theirs lifted again, against their own wishes the prior day to remain locked down despite the government trying to lift it already in the first place, then the IATF lifts something else and they start clamoring to be back in lock down again, and everyone is so gripped with uncontrollable fear, propaganda and rumors of instant genocidal death that it is hardly fathomable. ouy! Though, hopefully it will begin to subside eventually, sooner or later, my hope is sooner than later lol
  2. Yep, mine was received a few weeks after yours. I want everyone's Petitions to be reviewed and decided on and the flow to keep going smoothly with out increasing in processing times, not just for mine to come sooner. I know mine will get there eventually, I just like to see the whole thing moving along regularly and smoothly and if the times get shorter, great! If the processing times start to increase, it will effect everyone's, even all those still waiting from Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb. and all the way up to those just beginning to wait from this month and last and in as much as the processing times increase and it effects everyone else's, it will effect mine just as much also. I think everyone kind of relates to that.
  3. Yeah, for those with spouses it may be possible in the future, lets hope. For the rest it is a waiting game. I hope you the best in the next change of situation there. But yeah also as you stated they seem to change their mind hourly, it is very hard to figure out. Good luck!
  4. I have researched this subject to death, figuratively speaking. As my Fiance and I haven't seen each other in 6 months and I actually am willing to endure the self paid 14 day quarantine at a government approved facility if that is what it takes. However, there is no "Foreign Nationals" allowed in the country, all visa's issuance have been stopped and this includes those from "visa free countries" such as the US, the only Foreigners allowed into the philippines will be those as stated in the link listed above and pasted here again "They include foreign spouses and children of Filipinos as well as holders of visas earlier issued to accredited foreign governments and international organization officials. Dependents of foreign officials will also be allowed in the country." so unless you have a wife/husband/legal child/parent/ etc... or you are a diplomat/dignitary then for the rest of us the travel ban is still in effect. Additionally there is no visa/travel ban, end date, such as was referenced above i.e. Jun 1st, in fact it the Visa stop and travel ban was instituted on March 22 (I believe) and is defined as Temporary and indefinite, meaning that it is not permanent but that there is no defined outline, i.e. it will end when and if the Philippine Gov. decides it will end. Unfortunately, sorry to burst any bubbles. But if anyone does here any thing about a change, please let me know as I'll be on the first flight lol
  5. also, for clarity, my quantification of "Abandoned" is no activity data at all for 3 months after NOA2. For reference
  6. btw, after reviewing and compiling time line data week by week starting in Oct. 2019, it has come to my attention that there are a TON of abandoned time lines, though that is not interesting or surprising, however one aspect that is surprising is that the vast majority of them state Armenia as the Consulate, by far it is the most common with Manila being the second most but only by half as many as are created and abandoned sighting Armenia. I will post the percentages once I complete the numbers. But in the mean time, Just curious if anyone else noticed this as well? Just an interesting observation........
  7. Although my main point is simply that they are suddenly lagging and at the same time seem to be all over the map with approvals seemingly, having nothing to do with first come first serve either. At least not as much as they were before, like as exampled in the graph above.
  8. Yeah, I have been through this process before as well. Though many things in immigration "reform" have changed since the last time I dealt with this. My last time was around the same time as you. 2010, although I don't remember what the time line was exactly as I didn't use vj, I just went it alone. But to my recollection it was something line 4 months from NOA1 to NOA2 and the over all time from submission to Visa was about 7.5 months although that incorporates my previous fiance's time to sched. appointments and to process documents, etc....
  9. Yeah, exactly. That was more to my point. Although I was only using my own time frame in reference to some others who had already been approved. But yes you are right, I have looked at the search and seen there are many still waiting from last year as well.
  10. That's awesome info and thank you, the graph is helpful!
  11. Oh I see, I did not know that about the service centers. Thanks for the info. I see the average time lines have been around 4 months for a while now though and some recently between 2-3.5 for K-1
  12. Good lord! that's a long time. I hope it doesn't take that long now. I have been consistently seeing people's timelines showing NOA2 receipts already and moving onto NVC, of whom submitted their i-129f's and received their NOA1's long after I submitted mine. Even from the same CSC and as well (though it doesn't play a role) also with beneficiaries from the same country. oh well.......
  13. 05/22/20: Does anyone have any information that can shed light onto why, currently, the USCIS CSC is literally crawling along at a snails pace in processing i-129f petitions, i.e. they have been stuck on Jan. 16th for going on 4 days now. While on the other hand both the USCIS TSC and the VSC are basically blitzing through the i-129f petitions like greased lightning??? I mean in the last 4 days the TSC has moved from Jan. 21st to Feb. 1st and the VSC has smashed out from Jan. 21st to Feb. 27th!!! already, while in the same time frame the CSC has sat on the same date, not budging at all?...........
  14. I hate how everyone is acting right now also, virus or not, it's ridiculous and unwarranted (Putting it politely ) but My fiance just registered on the NBI Website and got an appointment for 5 days later. So I think it heavily depends on the area in which the appointment is being requested.
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