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  1. Just an update! We received our case number which was created on Sep 29 according to the code + chart in the pdf.
  2. Hi everyone! I just found this thread and wanted to contribute. We also got our NOA2 on Sept 15. Lawfully notified me and I am so happy they are still processing everyone's applications. Anxiously waiting for the notice to arrive in the mail now and to be assigned our case number. I went on the Ask NVC link to update my email but the form didn't seem to work properly? I tried sending and refreshing multiple times but there was no indicator that my form was submitted properly.
  3. Do you mind linking me the website? I'm not sure which one you are all talking about
  4. About just over a month. This was last winter from the end of Nov 2019 to beginning of Jan 2020. I only stayed for 19 days.
  5. Honestly, I'm not sure. When I went up to the booth where you normally go, the officer asked me how much money I brought and the purpose of my visit. After looking through my passport, he told me to wait in an area to be questioned further.
  6. I can't speak for Toronto but I did fly to the US on July 31 through Montreal while my K1 is in process (waiting for NOA2). CBP pulled me aside and wait to ask me extra questions. My flight was taking off at 1:30pm with boarding at 12:50pm. The officer asked me a ton of questions (along with the usual) like: purpose of my trip what my parents do for living my bf's employment information if my bf is a US citizen my bf's full name proof of my return flight my employment status how I can afford this trip if I will marry my s/o how long we have been together when we started dating how we met It was pretty scary for me because I was so afraid I'd be turned away. By the time i was done, it was 1:20pm. Barely enough time to make it to my gate which was thankfully right outside the questioning area. Good luck!
  7. Question 1: If my mailing address is the same as my current address, do I just leave the Physical Address 1 blank? Or is it safer just to put in my current address again in 12a. - 13b. on page 5? Question 2: For question 54 on page 8, should I write a brief description about every single instance when we met in the last 2 years? Or can I just write about the most recent time? As for providing evidence, if we were to write about every meeting that happened in the past two years, would we be required to provide proof for every single meeting that we write about? Question 3: Also, I have additional addresses and employment history I want to put in the Additional Information sections provided on the last page (13). What do I put for item number boxes for both? Currently I have: 14a - 15b for the extra Physical Addresses 20 - 23b for the extra Employment Information Here's a partial screenshot below. I couldn't put in a dash because the document didn't allow dashes so I will probably write in by hand later if that is the proper way to do it. And I formatted the information on the lines like below. Is this also okay? Address example:
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