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  1. we havent processed the visa due to we havent printed and gathered enough proof, i was told to have more than enough needed. With the money side, i like to cater for more than what we need, im just stressing as the paperwork is a head sore for me and when it comes to the fees, honestly im so confused.
  2. not as much an issue, just like knowing im not going to fall short anytime soon. We was going to go for the spousal visa but didnt realise it took longer. thanks about the interview
  3. Thank you for the replies, trying to muscle up the money so we dont have to wait longer than we have to and get the ball rolling. is the interview always at the non usa citizens country?
  4. Hi all, ive tried to search for a topic like this but not found anything the same. Im in the uk, my fiance is an american citizen, we havent applied for the k1 visa yet, as we are trying to gather the proof we are together. My question is this, to start applying for the k1 visa, is it the initial $535 fee to USCIS PLUS the $265 k1 application?....when do we pay for medical and other fees and is there a time limit? Thanks
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