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  1. I’m very new to this site - can someone please tell me how I can delete this thread or turn off comments? Thank you.
  2. Ok! We literally just left maybe an hour ago, so I’m sure it’ll take a bit to change. We were told passport would be ready within a week.
  3. Thank you so much everyone for responding. We showed up today and they let us have our interview and we got approved. I’m not sure how it got resolved but apparently it did and I’m so grateful.
  4. I appreciate the response, except it’s not helpful. Thank you.
  5. Hello! Please help. We have been waiting a year and a half for our interview. We are finally here, as our interview was scheduled for yesterday. We had to travel super far and spend everything we have to get here. My fiancé is Cuban and we had to travel to Guyana for our interview. We have been here over a week already since we had to be here early for the medical exam. I have already taken 2 weeks off work (1 unpaid). When we showed up to our interview yesterday they had us waiting an agonizing 3 hours before they told us the NVC never sent the approved copy of our I-129 and then told us that we’d have to come back and they’d be in touch via phone or email in the next few days. I haven’t stopped crying. We have all required documents and more and have done our due diligence, waited forever and spent more than we have, only to be told they screwed up on their end. I have no idea where to go from here or what to do. We are going to show up early at the embassy tomorrow and try to get some answers, but I’m terrified they won’t help us. What can we do?
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