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  1. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Nothing is without risk. The vaccine for HIV has still not been found, almost forty years after the disease was identified. The risk of acquiring COVID in Washington DC is not high. You cannot make up facts. Less than 2% of residents of DC have gotten infected. Permanent residency is granted with the expectation that the applicant would make the USA his/her home. Waiting an indeterminate time for a vaccine to be found in my opinion doesn’t demonstrate a genuine desire to live in the USA. If put in immigration court I expect the applicant to have the ruling go against them.
  2. Mind reading is a difficult nigh impossible business, even more complicated for immigration.
  3. Ultimately nobody can tell you what will happen. It depends on the immigration officer you will meet. I have a personal friend who was previously let in after two years away without a single question and who is now a citizen. There are stories of people encountering ruthless immigration officers who coerced them to relinquish their green card and then denied them entry. Anything can happen. That said the law dictates that as a legal permanent resident at worst you should be paroled in to make your case before an immigration judge if you insist. Just remember immigration officers sometimes behave lawlessly, more common now.
  4. The kind of advice, validation, direction you need cannot be reasonably found on an internet message board where we only hear your side of the story. Your kind of problem is what couples therapy is for and if that doesn’t work, the alternative is divorce. Good luck.
  5. I strongly suggest you get a competent attorney to guide you and answer your questions. From your communication skills or lack thereof, I am of the opinion you’re not the kind of applicant who should be handling these things yourself.
  6. Much ado about nothing. Even with the interview the vast majority of AOS applications are approved and easily a third of those are fraudulent. Until immigration officer case loads reduce drastically to give them enough time to review application with home visits etc, fraud will continue to be a major part of the system regardless of those borderline useless additional criteria this administration added to the process.
  7. For her applying for a visitor visa is simply a lottery with a $160 price. If the intention is mainly for the child to meet family, the child’s father can do that. There’s little rhyme and reason for issuing and denying visitor visas anyways and in her case her profile is worse than average. Good luck either way.
  8. Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem? Interviews are suspended.
  9. What is the point asking publicly something you believe is insensitive? And if he’s marrying a pregnant woman then automatically he’s okay with the arrangement.
  10. Ray I am sorry you calling me a liar. I honestly want to ask for help & made big mistake to ask on your website. If you cannot help me please not call me a liar. If you can help me like other members did then I appreciate that.

  11. Nobody can explain anything. What you will get is conjecture because there are numerous ways people can change status. What you will need is information from him or an investigator who can uncover the details. In this particular situation I will say go on with your life and allow him to go on with his without undue interference. You have brought someone else here through similar channels so the reasonable assumption is if he used your stuff, it should have been caught.
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