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Immigration Timeline & Photos

  1. Thank you!! We have already been together almost three years so we are considering all the options. I may try to live there for awhile and then apply for a spouse visa. We did complete the tourist visa form and paid the fee but we made the mistake of picking Moscow for the interview so it looks like it will never happen!
  2. What kind of work would a Russian lawyer who is fluent in English be able to get in the US?
  3. Hm.. thank you so much for the information! I live in Texas right now but I am willing to live in Russia if we can't figure something out. I just would some day like him to visit the US, but it seems the tourist visa is impossible. My boyfriend is a lawyer right now in Russia so he is more worried about not working and what kind of job he even could get in the US... and I am studying in the field of IT. It's all just very frustrating. How complicated is it really to marry in Russia? Is it less complicated if I worked there?
  4. I didn't mean actually go to the interview with him, but be in the city with him. We only have vacation with our jobs twice a year and if he has to spend one of them in a city i can't go to, then that sucks.
  5. Thank you so much for replying! Well we chose Moscow because that is the only city on my Russian visa with a consulate- so I could go with him during our vacation together. But what route did you go? Spousal or k-1?
  6. My boyfriend who lives in Russia applied for a tourist visa about two months ago and we are still unable to schedule an appointment in Moscow. The website just says "no appointments available". Has anyone else had this problem?
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