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  1. Yup, I am well aware of that. I think I am ready to take up the challenge. No one knows the future for sure. All we can do is plan. And that I have (I think).
  2. Yes. I think I am well off that way and that will not be an issue. I work in tech sector, in a company with good benefits and good total comp. I am looking forward to supporting his health needs.
  3. Thank you everyone for sharing into my concerns. Here is the current update. All documents uploaded to CEAC again. Even the ones that I had already submitted and all docs for a kind person who agreed to sponsor jointly. When submitting the docs, CEAC website had a pop up and it said that these docs will go directly to embassy/consulate. So I guess that will work. Now I wait. Family photos, even though he took with him to interview, I am sending again today. Then I wait. He is my Dad and I do not have a picture of me and him as "matrimonial proof". It makes no sense. So I assumed that they just wanted family pictures with me and him in it. I have included my wedding pictures with him in it by my side along with rest of the family. I hope it will work. Also, when I did more research, it seems Trump has been passing laws or executive orders to cut "government expense" on immigrants. Someone said that it also raises the bar if a person is elderly and has health issues. My dad is over 70 right now and has some health issues though he is doing just fine. May be that really is the reason to ask for joint sponsor as @SusieQQQ mentioned earlier. Anyways, now I wait and pray. I'll keep y'all posted when/if there is any progress.
  4. That is correct. I am a US citizen. My dad is in Pakistan. I thought profile showing Pakistan will make it easier for folks to figure out where the case is going on in embassy.
  5. No, I am salaried employee. 1099s were added to support my income from equities that was part of my tax returns. W2 was to support my consistent salaried income that was part of my tax returns.
  6. Yes, my birth certificate was already submitted at CEAC and my dad had my original birth certificate, his birth certificate, his marriage certificate, our pictures, with him for interview. Yes, I had already uploaded I846 along with tax returns, W2 and 1099s. CEAC had reviewed and accepted all documents before they sent case to local embassy. During the interview also, my dad had all of my financial documents with him. I have 2 kids and a wife living with me in USA. I used embassy's online form to ask them if this was a mistake. However, there was space of only 140 characters in the message. Also, they had mentioned that if documents are requested, do not contact us or expect a response within 2 months of submitting documents. I dont know if I will get a response.
  7. So, this is what they gave (attached). Now the documents on right, do I have to upload them on CEAC only? I am thinking about just giving in and submitting documents. I don't want to waste too much time by delaying it.
  8. Thank you all for responding. My father's health is OK. But let's say my over $160K per year income is not enough to support him in their opinion, where do I find another sponsor? Can it be a friend or does it have to be a family member? Is it safe to assume that tax returns and w2 are required for this new sponsor because mine are already on CEAC? Also, what do I need to upload to CEAC for "Evidence of economic solvency"? I already have my AOS and supporting documents uploaded. I think for pictures, I can just ignore "matrimonial" word and submit our family pictures. All help it greatly appreciated.
  9. Need some guidance here. My Dad had his interview in Islamabad for his IR-5. They asked simple questions, kept his passport but gave him a 221-G. Paper says that visa is refused and has a list of documents to submit. It is asking for Evidence of economic solvency to be uploaded at CEAC (I dont know what this is. I have already uploaded AOS, tax returns, W2 and all related docs) Joint sponsor (Not sure why, I make enough money and all records are already uploaded). If I have to really put another person here, I am not sure what to do. IRS certified tax returns (My tax returns are already uploaded to CEAC, not sure why asking again) Latest W2 (again, already uploaded to CEAC, not sure why asking again) Evidence of matrimonial relationship, wedding/reception picture of both (I have no clue why, he is my DAD, on IR-5 application. Not a spouce on IR-1) On top of everything, the letter says that visa is refused. I checked status online and it says Administrative Processing. What does this mean? What should be my next steps?
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