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  1. To SPEAR YOU THE RFE on Marriage Certificate that will put you back 2 months. 


    I got an RFE for the marriage licence/certificate from Pennsylvania . I am doing CR1 Visa, we got married in Pennsylvania in a backyard wedding ceremony in 2019 . I had to take an extra trip to Pennsylvania to be at the court house with my sweetheart and apply for the marriage licence . This marriage licence is good for 60 days . So the pastor that married us, signed the marriage licence/certificate  and sent it off to the court house. We kept our portion of the licence/certificate. We sent to USCIS the photocopy of the official marriage licence/certificate. I have read in other posts on here that certain states have the licence and the certificate on 2 separate pieces of paper but other states have it in one . So if you want to avoid the RFE on your marriage  licence/certificate is better you send a certify copy along with the official marriage licence/certificate. Or make sure the marriage licence/ certificate that you send says that it was recorded at the court house and it says the volume and page where it was recorded with the date that it was recorded and a  signature. Some states do not have this information on the original marriage licence/certificate. And only on a certified copy this information appears VERY STRANGE  . I wish I knew this ! Hope I spear you the 2 months extra wait !!!

    1. mbssss


      Did you send them the original copy? They only care about the certified copy. The original they give you right after your marriage is generally just meant for the couple to frame or keep as a memory. 


      Good thing that you two figured it out and this is definietly useful information. Good luck with the rest of your journey!

    2. Flowergirl 737

      Flowergirl 737

      No we only sent copies for everything, oh yeah ? I did not know they only care about the certified copy??? wish that was mentioned somewhere , we have rapidvisa helping us and even they missed it  after 3 people looking over our case to make sure we are sending the right thing ,so NOT a lot of people know about this . It's a very small thing but very important and you could be put back 2 months or more for it .  Thank you !!!!

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