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  1. Thank you everyone, it's good to hear I am not the only one. Thank you N400NYC for your response.
  2. I'm currently 48 years old, so it shouldn't apply either. Has there ever been anyone that was questioned or denied before or after the interview because the form was not completely filled out?
  3. I completed my N400 online. It appears one cannot upload their own pdf? When walking through the program no questions were asked about the Nazi party. I submitted the application, downloaded the snapshot and form only to find out those questions pertaining to that information were not answered. The system allowed the application to be submitted and credit card accepted. Biometrics have been completed. Should I write a message explaining the situation online? Will they deny the case because of this? Seems very odd, the only thing I can think of is the systems looks at age and it's programmed within to not ask those questions to people not old enough or even alive during that time?
  4. For the n400 interview, do you need certified tax returns (unmasked so entire social security number shows and IRS stamps) or will the online transcripts that you download for free work? I understand the certified returns have to be requested with form 4506 and cost $50 each. Thanks
  5. Could someone please tell me what type of evidence is needed for naturalization based on three years married? Also, do I have to get any kind of paperwork from selective service stating I was past the age when I arrived; do I need a translated copy of my birth certificate/notarized? Thank you.
  6. Hello, similar case to mine. How does one prove no charges were filed? I will be applying for citizenship and had a retraining order against me terminated, never arrested, the order to modify or terminate stated that it was no longer needed. Thanks.
  7. Thanks again, maybe I'm just worrying to much and need to relax. We did not hire an attorney for ROC and that passed. Never.
  8. Thank you and sorry for asking repeatedly. # 22 of Part 12 Reads: Have you EVER committed, assisted in committing, or attempted to commit, a crime or offense for which you were NOT arrested? I understand what you are saying about the protection order not being a criminal matter, but a civil, but will the word "offense" and the words "for which you were NOT arrested" change the dynamics or should my response still be "No." #23 of Part 12 Reads: Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer (including any immigration official or any official of the U.S. armed forces) for any reason? Will the word "cited" pertain to my case as I did have to appear before the judge? Should my answer be "No or Yes"? Sorry, but I want to make sure we are looking at the same version, I have the application that expires 09/30/2022. Thanks again for your kindness.
  9. Good morning and thank you for your response. No, I never violated the order before terminated. Prior to being served the police had been to the house and warned us to cool off, they later stopped by to see if everything was okay, but no arrest took place. I don't believe I was charged with anything. The order was an ex parte order and I was to stay away for one year. She requested to terminate and so did I. We met before the judge and he dismissed it on spot. The hearing lasted a mere ten minutes. We went to the courthouse yesterday to obtain a certified copy of the termination order and the clerk looked at us oddly stating it had been dismissed, of course it's still on record and will be forever. We did not request the original paper work that started the motion, will we need this? Will we need the certified termination order? So, are you saying on Part 12 question #22, I should answer "yes"? I'm very nervous.
  10. Hello All, I'm not sure if I have posted in the correct forum or not, perhaps I should have posted in the naturalization area? My wife and I have created a possible situation in regards to naturalization. We have been married since 2016 and I have received my 10 year green card fairly recently. Two years ago we were not treating each other well and both shoved and pushed one another. She had a bruise on the arm and I had several myself. Long story short she filed for a personal protection order and it was granted. I left the home and over the course of two weeks we both went to court and she asked for the ppo to be terminated. The judge asked if that is what we both wanted and we said yes. The termination order simply stated there was no longer a need for personal protection. I was never arrested, never charged with anything. I was honest and let immigration know that I moved - once to an apartment and then again back home. We went to counseling, but stopped as it was so expensive and we didn't make a connection with the therapist. For the most part we get along, realize our mistakes and try to do better. We both worried about ROC, but my case went through. Will this be a problem for me when I decide to naturalize? My wife and I are still married. I have a copy of the termination order with the court seal on it, but not a copy of the ppo iteself. Will the termination order be enough to take with me to the interview? Should I mention this on the n-400 as I was not arrested or charged with anything? I'm back to worrying and need advice. Has anyone had a similar situation and been approved? Should she write a paper stating we were both in the wrong and have a notary place their seal on it? Would it even matter? Many thanks.
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