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    05th June 2020 - Friday, 1:45pm : Mailed I-129F Petition via USPS (Priority Mail with Signature Confirmation)
    08th June 2020 - Monday, 1:27pm : Arrived at Post Office-Dallas, TX and the status changed on USPS Tracking to "Available for pick up".
    09th June 2020 - Tuesday, 5:14am : Status changed to "Delivered" on USPS Tracking.
    15th June 2020 - Monday, 6:40pm : Got text message from USCIS. (NOA1)
    19th June 2020 - Friday, 4pm : Received hard-copy of NOA1 in the mailbox.
    27th January 2021 : Case was approved!! (NOA2) :)
    01st February 2021, Monday : Received hard-copy NOA2 in the mailbox.

    On the NOA paper it says

    Received date : 9th June 2020
    Notice date : 15th June 2020

    *The rest of the journey story will be on my VJ timelines. Go check it out :) God bless! ❤

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  1. Because it just happened just now. For the visa, we put only one single name "Sudarto" So, when we try to register to make marriage license, my husband told me to fill the last name and I don't know how come he has an idea to put my grandfather's first name as my dad's last name😂 I was about to put the last name as '' unknown OR LNU ( Last Name Unknown)" but my husband told me different thing lol.
  2. So, do you think it won't be big issue for us when I'm applying AOS? just worried because in our MC and BC my dads last name isn't match. Do you think I should just go to get the name fixed before file AOS?
  3. Hallo everyone, K1 Visa - AOS - Marriage certificate I have something to ask that really bothered me. So I got married on 1st May 2021, I and my now husband went to county marriage license before that. So here's the thing. My father's legal name : Sudarto And no last name. But when I put my father's last name " Yahya" as its my grandfather first name. It's really common in my country only have one name. All of my father's legal documents only " Sudarto " even in my birth certificate as well. but, because my husband told me to put his last name to follow my grandfather's first name. 😓 And yes, I only put one name for I-129F before. 1. Should I get the name fixed? 2. Is that gonna be problem for AOS if I will leave like that? Here's I attached the difference in my marriage record and birth certificate Thank you in advance.
  4. If the local embassy has resumed / doing an interviews like normal again, they will requested the NVC to transfer the file to them. I learned that, the NVC will transfer the files per batch every Tuesday and Wednesday ( and every two weeks in a month ) on March, they had sent the files on 2nd or 3rd March & 16th or 17th March. Probably, the next batch would be this 30th or 31st March. (This just an estimation)
  5. This is what I've found for Philippines if you or the beneficiary will attend the interview in Manila https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Philippines&cty=Manila For the local embassy in my country, P3 is the email from consulate to petitioner asking about beneficiary's updated information and once petitioner replied, the consulate will email beneficiary for the next instructions.
  6. Best time to call in between 7am to 8am or 9pm-12pm Eastern time. Or keep hanging up and calling until you hear the ringing and the second or third sentence of the auto voice machine that says "due to the high volume of calls." If the auto voice message continues to "because of the high volume of calls..." Simply hang-up and try again. Just note you will be on hold for at least an hour. The number that my fiance and I called : 1-603-334-0700 press 1 for English, press 3 for asking about "to verify if case is received". Prepare this before calling : 1. USCIS receipt number 2. Date of birth petitioner 3. Date of birth beneficiary The beneficiary can also call, you can download hangout dialer to call from outside US (free) And yes, I got my case number on 16th February, and my case has arrived at embassy now, currently waiting for the P3.
  7. Yup. Nothing to worry about. Just like what I wrote above, k1 is a non immigrant but they also consider it as immigrant since the main purpose of fiance visa is to get married and adjust your status as permanent resident. Just follow the status on ceac under the immigrant. 😊
  8. Just check the status under immigrant. Please be aware that even though K1 visas are categorized as nonimmigrant visas, they are processed as immigrant visas. So, it legally a non immigrant visa, processed by the immigrant visa unit/ division at the embassy that is why it is listed under immigrant, why is it processed by the immigrant division? Because it has a direct path to a green card unlike other non immigrant visas (tourist, student etc.)
  9. You mean the status on ceac is "no status" ? Have you checked under the immigrant ? Anyways, when you fill up the I-134 form, make sure about the expiration date. Its gonna expire on 2/28, so if your interview after 2/28 then don't forget to update it.
  10. Just called the NVC again for the second times. Was on hold for about 45 minutes. NOA2 : 27th January 2021 Case received at NVC : 8th February 2021 Case number assigned : 16th February 2021
  11. Do you think it's gonna be a problem? Should I tell the interviewer when I have interview?
  12. Hi, We recently got NOA2 like 5 days ago, and today my fiance received his W2 from a job which he worked for like 2 or less than a week. He was working there as his second job back on 2020. But he forgot to list that job on the I-129F, what should we do? We already for NOA2. Is there anything that we can do?
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