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  1. hi my father is the principal applicant and listed his family as derivatives (me ,my 2 sisters,and my mother) the petitioner is my uncle. now my sister is married and already traveled to USA(her husband is a us citizen) so we haven't paid the fees or filled the ds-260 for her and we removed her from the list by showing her visa as a cause. After like 2 months and after all our civil documents were accepted, we were in the process of filling petitioner related documents when her name suddenly came back! now we're worried because we submitted some documents and we didn't get an answer yet, so we tried removing her name again by showing her marriage certificate,but when we did that it said next to her name under review for like 10 minutes and then her application was reinstated. we tried this for couple of times but the same thing happened. my questions are: will the NVC still see the certificate and remove her name after 5 days even if it doesn't say under review next to her application? and will the petitioner related documents be reviewed even if her application isn't removed? thanks in advance
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