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  1. Hi, in our IR1 IV application my wife and I mentioned that she has been to south africa for 2 months and to Togo for 5 months. According to NVC website, those who have been in a country more than 12 months are required to submit a police report. The CEAC portal has South Africa and Togo police certificates listed as documents to be uploaded. Not sure what to do !!! Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Forget the time, just persist in calling back and back till you get through. That method just worked for me today.
  3. I am not having any luck getting passed the automatic answering machine. A month ago I called at 9 AM and it worked. But couldn't get the same result since then.
  4. May I ask why your police certificate was rejected? I am trying to gather as much info as possible. Thank you!
  5. According to NVC website, the scan file names should follow the following rules: "Each scan file must be named as it is created. Choose a file name that includes the following information: Your NVC case number; The full name of the applicant whose document you scanned; and The document name or form number. For example: ABC2009123456_John_Doe_DS-3032.pdf ABC2009123456_Jane_Doe_Birth_Certificate.pdf" Does anyone know that for the financial documents for the petitioner, should I use the petitioner's name or the applicant's name?
  6. This is for Niger. There are no special instructions whereas for some other countries it says to include the fingerprint pages as well. I think this means that I need not include anything with it. Thank you for your response.
  7. I would not translate myself. This might set you up for an RFE which will cost you months and months of delay. It is best to pay a professional and have them to certify as discussed above.
  8. Does anyone know if we are supposed to include the photocopy of the passport that is attached to the police report? I am afraid that NVC is going to reject saying that we have included 2 documents in the same pdf !
  9. Thank you for your response. I hope you get case complete asap.
  10. Hi, Does anybody know how to get the correct photo passports' digital version to upload in the CEAC? I am not sure if what I have is acceptable. Also, should the jpeg include only one photo or two photos?
  11. My wife is immigrating to US. Our 3 year old US citizen son is coming with her. In the form DS-260, for the applicant's children section, should we say that our son is 'immigrating' or not. He is already a US citizen but will be coming to US for the first time. Thank you
  12. Thank you araliadam for your help. I heard NVC is so picky and sent you RFEs for little things; and that if you get an RFE, you're delayed for 2 months.
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