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  1. Oh wow. Ok. Well thank you. My laywer deals with many differrent countries and informed that it is unlikely I could go in but I can at least ask, he has had clients able to go in( maybe because they were requested too or maybe from other countries) But the passport is something he hadn't told me. I will definitely do that! Thank You.
  2. Exactly..the American Citizen Help side. That is what he was telling me. I will not be allowed into immigration side but I can not be denied into the embassy on that side. He did not lie to me. He is saying if I just want to be in the Embassy in order to sit and wait I can go to the part they can not refuse me.
  3. Yes, I'm aware however our immigration lawyer told us he has had clients able to at least enter the building with some persistence by stating their legal rights. As US citizens they can not deny me entry into a US embassy when entering for buisness. We are not however allowed any where near the interview rooms halls windows ect. He did tell us it does not always work, but he has had clients allowed in with that statement
  4. Ok thank you so much! Well I've had conflicting reports by some. But I also understood that its typically at the interview but wanted to clarify. I'll be with my husband so we decided to get a hotel near by embassy so that we can get there quickly and avoid alot of a traffic. Thank you
  5. Lagos here! QUESTION! interview is Febryary 10th 2020. Hubby went online to register his account and there was nothing offering him a time to schedule his biometrics. His apt for interview starts 6:30 A.M february 10th and I'm told he has to have it done before he meets with the consulate officer. Do they typically just do biometrics in the morning when you check in? HOW early should we be there the morning of? Just dont want to miss his apt ect.
  6. Lagos here! DQ November 13th 2019 Interview letter january 14th 2020 INTERVIEW DATE February 10th 2020!! ALL GLORY TO GOD! we are sooo excited! And excited for our fellow members! Congratulations and God bless! P.s my profile wont let me update. How do I do that?
  7. Cant figure out how to update our profile but we recieved a letter today. Interview is Fenruary 10th! 

    1. Ezzy4life


      Chai Nwanne a big Congratulation to you oh! 

    2. Ezzy4life


      Okay, we are waiting for my interview letter oh! Got married since 11th of may 2018. Hoping it will come before the end of this month oh!

  8. Wow. Only 4 to 5 IR1 and CR1 A day? That is new information and definitely puts things in perspective. So maybe only 100 something a month.
  9. I have seen DQS for october 22nd for interviews in January. So are they not at least to October 22nd?
  10. Ok. Yes I do understand that. We were at Nebraska and have a PO D of AUGUST 6th 2018. So hopefully that will be a good influence. I've heard that Nigeris embassy is very busy so it's not shocking we are going on two months and no interview letter. But JUST in november they had seemed to be fast getting apt for people within a month of DQ. Seems like once October hit they were bogged down again. Just wondering if you or anyone thinks it might be possible to believe we could recieve and interview letter THIS month since we were DQ on November 13th?..or if it would be closer to February...sigh....the estimated guess. Lol. We trust God and hunker down and wait. THANK YOU very much for that information. Helpful
  11. I think it does depend some on the consulate. But honestly I feel there is no exact formula. I'm Lagos Nigeria consulate and someone said they schedule beginning of the month. But last month they didnt start scheduling till the 15th of the month! Then I've also seen beginning of the month....then a break then a couple days at the end of month 🤯....january 13th will be twice months since our DQ!! PRAYING FOR SOMETHING SOON! good LUCK
  12. They did the same thing with my husband. He only lived in Nigeria but worked in Ghana for a little less that 3 months. Our immigration laywer wrote a formal letter stating the time frame he lived in Ghana, for what purpose, and then also listed the Rules stated Per NVC website of what is required for police certificates. He also signed it. That WORKED! they accepted it and we were DQ. That being said my lawyer did warn us that if they came back and did NOT accept the letter than it might be better to go ahead and just get the police report ONLY to keep from batteling NVC back and forth and delaying the process. So just be prepared there could be a slight possibility that letter will get rejected if they are dead set on you getting it. Pray that they MUST follow their own rules they out in place. Good Luck!
  13. 0h wow really!? I knew there was still some at end of october who maybe had not recieved letter yet, I pray you will be soon. I'm sure you will! They say they go by first come first serve. Well maybe we wont hear anything till end of Janyary or even February, but we are praying we get SOMETHING in January. Seems that not alot of Nigeria keeps their status up to date all the time. COME ON NVC! good luck! Please let us know when you recieve one!
  14. Hi guys! We were DQ on November 13th. NIGERIA here! Seems like most of October's DQ Have gotten their letters and interview for January...would it be realistic to think we will get a letter in January for February interview?!! Any other Nigeria filers?! We are sooo ready for this interview! So many things with my husband's job, ect to try to maneuver ect Nd we can't plan Anything till we have that letter! Lol ugh
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