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  1. Hi everyone! I created this post because I couldn't find the information anywhere else. After some replies, we ended up following some of the advice provided here but also our instinct. Since we just received our NOA2 on time (our I129-F was approved without any RFE's), I will share what we did just in case someone else has the same questions! WHAT WE DID: We ended up ONLY listing her (petitioner) parent's house address. After all that's the only address she only had in her ID. WHAT WE DID: Since my fiancée (petitioner) only studied abroad in Spain for 6 months, we decided not to list the spanish housing in her Address History. WHAT WE DID: This is probably the part that gave us the worst headaches. We wondered if it would be a problem to list her (petitioner) jobs in college while "officially" living at her parent's house, which is 2 hours away. We ended up listing her RA jobs in college and it worked out for us! WHAT WE DID: Since she had received W2 forms from those jobs, we decided to list them with approximate start/end dates. It worked just dine for us! If there is one thing I learned from filling the I129-F is that we often tend to overthink and complicate things that are pretty straightforward! I sincerely hope this helps someone that has similar questions! 🙂 Kindly, Francisco
  2. If it is not considered "living" there (which I agree), how come it is appropriate to list her Spain address? You got me mixed up here 😅 Thank you! My question here was more if there would be a problem to have worked a job 2 hours away (Harrisonburg, VA) from her "official" adress (Ashburn, VA).
  3. Thank you! Awesome, I think that makes the most sense! She studied in Spain with a visa type D (stay up to 6 months). I wasn't sure if I should list it because it was a short stay. I found this online about the visa: Yes, she did! This is where I get confused though... Will there be a problem to list the RA jobs at JMU in Harrisonburg while her (only) address is in Ashburn (2 hours away)?
  4. Hi all! My name is Francisco and I'm from Lisbon, Portugal. I met my beautiful fiancée back in 2015 while I was studying and working (OPT) in Orlando, FL on a F1 visa. Since then we've kept our long distance relationship and have been travelling back and forth (Portugal and USA). All this travelling was getting costly and we decided to get married and live in the US. We've been filling out the I-129F form and your forum has been very helpful! However, with so many tricky questions, I decided to write this post to try to get your help. My fiancée (petitioner) finished college (JMU) earlier this year. While in college she had at least four different dorms/apartments. She is not sure of the move-in/out dates and the adresses for college dorms can be tricky as well (we usually only have the PO box). Question 1: Should we list all those college dorms addresses on her Adress History? Her "official" adress was always her parent's house, and that is the one on her ID. This is probably the biggest issue we currently have. Because in order to have no gaps between adresses, if we list her college adresses we would always have to put her parents' adress during the summer... for the past 4 years. I saw a post on VJ about this but it wasn't very helpful: Question 2: She also studied abroad for 6 months in Spain. But as far as I know, she would only have to list that one adress is she lived there for more than 1 year, am I correct? Question 3: While in college, my fiancée worked twice as an RA (Residence Assistant). Should we include those jobs on her Employment History? Question 4: My fiancée had some summer jobs for 1 or 2 months, but is unsure about the start/end dates. Would there be a problem if we put approx. dates? Or is it better not to list those? Would we get an RFE? We've been stuck on these questions and can't move on... Thank you so much in advance. You guys have healed many headaches! Kindly, Francisco PS: I'm sorry if I posted this on the wrong topic/sub-topic, I'm new here.
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