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  1. Hello guyss!! have a good day. Can me and my sponsoring US spouse use my foreign assets to supplement the minimum income? ( We can't find a joint sponsor ) has anyone else got approved previously using assets of intending immigrant? ( Assets are just real estate worth way above the required amount )
  2. We haven’t filed the i 864 yet. We were having second thoughts if it will effect submitting it during the lay off. What can we do now if there’s no one else we can get help from?
  3. Hello guys!! Will it be an issue in our application process that our joint sponsor is laid off from the job temporarily due to COVID19. But will start work soon after all this is over. Gimme your thoughts! Thanks
  4. You’ll be alright. But should have translated the screenshots as well. That’s more evidence of things you guys are talking about. But pretty sure you guys will be fine as you have provided official documents an English translation.
  5. You cannot just translate these official documents by yourself. There are professionals called Sworn Translators. Use their help because USCIS wants to know the translator of the documents has the competent to translate stuff into English. At least get the official documents translated and certified by a sworn translator and get other docs such as screenshots, receipts, messages certified by a Notary Public after you translate 'em.
  6. I'm the beneficiary and no my parents are't sponsoring me. My spouse is!! But there's a requirement to indicate beneficiary's assets in the DS 5540. The problem is I don't have any assets under my name. Can I use my parents' assets instead?
  7. Hello guys!! You guys have a good day. There's something that's bothering me on DS 5540. In the section where there's "Assets Available" to you . Can you include your parents' real estate info?
  8. The acc is not mine though. It's my spouse's insta. I occasionally use the acc to go through some stuff. Do I still have to include it?
  9. I use my spouse's instagram profile. Do I have to mention that as well in the social media section on DS 260. And is it required to mention Visajourney profile as well cause we both use one?
  10. That’s what I’m planning to do. But they say that they cannot answer anything about immigrant visa at the moment.
  11. Well I used an online PDF editor. It was possible by reducing the font size. But you cannot edit stuff on DS-260.
  12. They have specifically said in the instructions that you should provide the exact name as your passport. Failure to do so might deny your case.
  13. Hi!! I am having a huge issue right now. What should you do if your name is too long to fit in the name box on DS 260? I have 4 given names and 1 surname. the last 3 letters of my given name won't type on the box. Does anybody know what to do?
  14. Hello guys!! Have a good day. With all these lock-downs in the world, what should you do if you cannot obtain a police clearance certificate due to closure of relevant division in the police department?
  15. Oh hello Pushbrk, Thank you for your reply! I would also like to know if the DS 5540 needs supporting documents or should you just present it as it is by just filling out the form?
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