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    _C&C_ reacted to NancyNguyen in After dq   
    You can log in to ustraveldocs and pick other day.
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    _C&C_ got a reaction from amerikelinka in Strange, speedy requests from NVC   
    From https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-1-submit-a-petition/step-2-begin-nvc-processing/scanning-and-uploading-tips.html
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    _C&C_ reacted to M_H in After case approved   
    Congratulations! After your approval it shouldn’t that long to get to NVC stage...
     OUR CASE:
    •case approval: 0ctober 29,2019
    •welcome letter: November 4,2019
    •case and invoice number assigned by NVC:   December 12,2019
    Hope everything works well for you! Good luck!
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    _C&C_ reacted to edizon1 in After case approved   
    hopefully, you'll hear from NVC soon. Best of luck
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    _C&C_ reacted to Kuchiki in USC filed for spouse 24 Oct 2019   
    I feel you. My case is at Vermont from past 13 months with no updates or touches. 
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    _C&C_ got a reaction from David Holmes in Anyone else seeing NOA2 always pushed back?   
    Vj is just what says is, an estimate based on people who update their processing time.
    Potomac inquiry time is 14 july today and processing time is between 10 to 12.5 months.
    They are processing some October but there is a huge backlog, dont expect anything for another couple of months.
    Sadly potomac become one of slowest center, we can just hold on..
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    _C&C_ got a reaction from Syed Amir Hassan in Potomac Service Center Timeline   
    Processing time for potomac for usc is 10 to 12.5 months.
    The center slowed up terribly from a long time, like this month they barely approved 10.
    If continue in this direction consider easily up to a year.
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    _C&C_ reacted to onek in Is bilingual Birth Certificate accepted?   
    The question  has been answered many times and confirmed by many members that bilingual documents with English being one of the languages don’t need to be translated because it’s already in English. 
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    _C&C_ got a reaction from moneeb Iqbal in I-130 October 2019 Filers   
    Indeed is a mass change they did already, is truly nothing substancial or useful, thry just update the text for some reasons.
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    _C&C_ got a reaction from aishaTayyab in I-130 October 2019 Filers   
    21 0ct potomac
    Seems they got stuck again, very few approvals this june.
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